Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thumb Boo-tay anybody?

We took off to the north this weekend.  After the hottest August on record, we decided we needed some relief from the heat and headed up to Prescott and Show Low to visit Rick's brothers and their families.  On Saturday, we went on a "hike" to Thumb Butte.  Of course we couldn't say it correctly, and had to pronounce it Thumb Boo-tay.  It made the hike better that way.  When I say hike, I mean it in the loosest terms!  It was a hike for about 40 minutes, then it became a rock climbing adventure.  I much preferred the rock climbing. 
See what I mean?  Jay and Heather are figuring out how to make it up to the top.  There is no more trail. 
I found a mountain goat just above me.  His name happens to be Quinn. 
Rick and the boys made it to the top. 
Our group. 
Okay, come on, who would deny a boy his business from up top?  All boys under 18 in this group preformed this feat.  What can a mom do but take a picture from the back? 
Going down.  Serious rock climbing, I tell you. 

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