Saturday, January 30, 2010

And the Second Place Winners Are . . . .

So Cole and Aleks signed up for
Desert Ridge High School's Talent Show
The performance was last Thursday.!
There were 21 acts.
But sadly, only 3 winners.
Cole and Aleks won 2nd place!

Heres to, "Dance With This" and "Real Slow"
and to two young men who like to
throw some rap music around.


Try the link below if you're up for some serious extertainment.

To experience the music for yourselves.
We also have video of the performance and win.


Post script:  I found out this afternoon that Cole and Aleks were actually
tied for first place.  The judges had to make a choice and
the girl who could do the hula with some
wicked hip swinging won.
Whatever. . . .

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We're not animal people . . . ?

The other day when Steven & Emily were over,
Emily told me, as she was holding Dutch,
just how much she loved the colors grey & yellow together.
Please notice the colors Emily is sporting.
I think not.
Can't quite make out the picture?
Is this better?
Ted will not be outdone!
Not by Dutch, not by anyone!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I gotta get me one of these.

What is this?
It's a Haan SV-60 Steam Vacuum.
I have a lot of tile in my home which isn't very fun to sweep and mop each week.
This will do both jobs at the same time.
I'm actually saving time and my time is worth a lot to me.
So, in the end, I'd actually be saving money if I got one.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Power Jumperz

No, Truman isn't tall for his age.
He's wearing his cousin Max's Christmas gift.
Power Jumperz.
They're crazy.
You can run and jump all over with them.
They make you go far and fast.
Don't think I wasn't worried that Truman would break his arm again
or his front teeth - it's happened.
(Truman's cast was due to come off today.
Don't worry, he tried to take it off two weeks ago and was
treated to an early cast release by the orthopedic to wearing a splint for the last two weeks.)
Ah youth.
I was scared, but he didn't.
Small miracles.

Monday, January 18, 2010

But wait, that's not all!!

The Laser Tag crew.
We continued to celebrate the 18th birthday with
several, hard fought, rough, halarious
games of laser tag.
Don't worry, in between games Cole & Steven stole a moment to play
a mean game of  Dance Dane Revoloution.
This makes me feel like I'm part of the Miami Vice team.
Um.  Have I dated myself?
I mean Miami Vice, the movie!
The crew survived!
Another game well played.
That is all.

So, here's the celebration.

Birthdays at our home always start with a breakfast
of the birthday boy/girl's choice.
This morning we had crepes, sausage and bacon.
Then a dinner ensues, chosen again by the birthday person.
In this case it was:
Green chili burros.
Various sides and . . . .
F O N D U E!!
We also had some red velvet cupcakes, just in case there wasn't
enough F O N D U E.
(There was.)
To dip in the chocolate fondue were:
pound cake
& cheese cake.
We had each family member share a favorite memory or two about Cole.
Jody shared Cole's award-winning second grade poem entitled
"Lizards and Their Gizzards"
It was so fun to hear what people remembered about Cole in his "early" days.
Someone, not sure who, but pretty sure.  . . . ate the frosting off of many cupcakes.
The late arrivals.
Johnny, Tony and Reggie.
I guess the big game went long.

Here's what the big 18th birthday was all about.
The SP-404.
Yep.  I've never heard of it either but Cole had to have it.
It's a sound mixer Cole can make all kinds of music with.
He had to have it and I've been hearing all kinds of music since.

Monday, January 11, 2010


This is Cole.
Born January 11th, 1992
7 pounds, 6 ounces
Walked at 8 months.
Enjoyed swinging.
Loved a day at Disneyland with his sister.
Played around with his little brother.
Froze at Lake Tahoe with his mom.
Caught a starfish at Newport.
(The star fish was not harmed.  It was released after the photo)
Played baseball for a few seasons.
(didn't care for it much)
Played soccer for AYSO and DRJH
(Liked it.)
Always a showing artist at the Gilbert School District.
He even took home 1st place last year.
(not pictured)
A good looking model.
Loves to skateboard.
Also loves to play guitar, write music & write stories.
He has his Eagle Board of Review this Thursday.
So, he'll be an Eagle Scout.
Who would have thought?
Happy Birthday Cole!
We all love you!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One in a million.

I took Quinn to see his pediatric neruologist today, Dr. Bodensteiner.
I love that man.
He's like Rick's Dad.
He chuckles at most everything,
has silver white hair
and he is very kind.
Today he asked me to sign another waiver.
This time for him to publish Quinn's pictures and case in a
Pediatric Neurologic Journal of Case Studies.
This is not something to be flattered about.
Rather, Quinn's case is so rare that there's very little known about it
and so much to learn.
So how is it that Dr. Bodensteiner's mentor at Mayo was one of the first
neurologists in the world to write about
Heredity Neuralgic Amyotrophy?
How is it that we found Dr. Bodenstiener at St. Joseph's?
He was our last hope before moving on to UCLA in California.
Luckily we didn't have to go.
Dr. Bodenstiener had what we needed,
a diagnosis.
We are blessed.