Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Things I know about Christmas.

  • I know that I don't like pretzels but pair pretzels with chocolate and/or caramel and you have a winner.  I can't stop eating that kind of concoction.  
  • I know I hate flashing Christmas lights wherever they are, on a Christmas tree or outside on a house or bush.  I hate them.  There is no reason for them to flash.  Nope, none at all.
  • I know I don't like it when it's cold outside and yet it doesn't feel like Christmas without some kind of weather other than really warm, like we've been experiencing this year.
  • I know I feel pretty darn lucky that I happened upon "Rudolph" tonight while channel surfing and my family and I got to watch it from the very beginning.  Seriously, made my holiday.
  • I know how hateful and hard it was to get our Christmas cards done last year and how easy breasy it was this year.  Thank goodness for small miracles.
  • I know don't like it when the single strand of lights on the house is all cattywhampus.  I love big, old fashioned lights for the outside of our house as perfectly straight as possible.  This year we switched to all white lights on the house.  I love them.
  • I know it's exhausting to decorate my home for Christmas but I love to see the enthusiasm of my youngest get into the Christmas decorating spirit when he takes it upon himself to cut out snowflakes to add to the decor because, "There just aren't enough decorations!"
  • I know I love my family and the reason we celebrate Christmas.  I am far beyond blessed.