Saturday, September 25, 2010

An unfortunate event.

Cole was leaving for school Friday morning.
He's studying film
Scottsdale Community College.
His transportation happens to also be his
first car.
It's a 1997 Mercury Tracer.
It's purple too,
Barney purple.
As Cole was walking out the front door he said,
"My horn honks randomly so I have to unhook the battery."
"What?"  I said, falling off my chair while I laughed my head off.
(I mean, I really laughed and laughed hard.
I'm still laughing as I write this.)
"Well, when I'm driving and the horn goes off,  I just hit the horn and it stops.
I can't do that when I'm in the house or at school so I have to unhook the battery."
Then he left out the door shaking his head to the sounds of my laughter.
Why is it I find his unfortunate event so completely
Could it be that it's as it should be?
I mean, he's an 18 year old boy with an old, purple car.
A boy who has given me more trouble than my dog Ted.
(That's saying a lot!)
I think it's one of those Universe things.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

He's the Man!

On Monday Quinn visited with
Dr. Bodensteiner
of Saint Joseph's Hospital
He's quite the doctor.
I know I've talked about him before but this time I have a picture of him too.
He's the one who diagnosed Quinn.
He's been following Quinn for the last 5 years now.
He's a good man.
I felt a little silly asking for a picture.
But hey, it's my job to take pictures for posterity, right?

This is what he does when he's feeling pain in his shoulder.
Even in his sleep.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just an everyday bra

On Monday I went to Victoria's Secret to
buy a new bra.
It had been some time since I performed this task.
So long in fact that the sales lady asked,
"What kind of bra are you looking for?"
To which my obvious reply was,
"A good one."
"So, you just need an everyday bra then," she replied?
"Yeah, I guess, just an every day bra."
Um I didn't know there was anything different.
Now I know.
I mean, I guess I've always known
but in my small, efficient world,
a zebra striped, sexy bra costing
a bundle just doesn't serve my needs.
Maybe someday I'll require more than
an everyday bra.
Who knows?

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Eagle Court of Honor

On September 11th, 2010
we finally had Cole's
Eagle Court of Honor
It took some doin' talking Cole into holding one in the first place.
But we have ways of persuasion
and finally he submitted allowing us to
go forward with the ceremony.
It was very nice.
A lot of family and friends came.

Cole had two mentor pins to give out.
One went to Eric Eaves,
who couldn't be there but we accepted the invitation on his behalf.
The other mentor pin went to his sister,
Emily Zoe
for keeping him on the right track and for putting up with him
when he was a ding bat.

She was surprised.
Surprised because she didn't even know
the significance of receiving a mentor pin
and she was surprised Cole acknowledged her hard work
to keep him from a life of crime.

Cole gave me the
mom pin
for the Eagle.
Dad got one too.
Rick presented Cole with the
Eagle pin and
Cole presented me with a dozen roses,
'cause I'm the mom of an Eagle now.

Only two more kids to go.
No sweat!

Friday, September 3, 2010

I figured it out.

Not until yesterday did I ever get the experience of watching a swim meet.
It was pure torture!
Picture this,
108 degrees,
a beautiful sparkling blue pool

that I couldn't touch.
I wanted to drink it!
I wanted to dunk my head and swim all over in it!
At one point, I thought to myself,
"They're not using this lane.
I can just put my feet in a dangle for a little bit."
It was probably the only time in my life that I wished
I wore a bikini to my son's dive meet!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This Guy!

Truman is running for
Assembly Director.
For those of you uneducated souls, its
the new title for the old title of
Spirit Director.
Frankly, if
is going to be a Spirit Director,
I'd much rather the title be
Assembly Director!
Wouldn't you?!
He's running against
two girls whose moms are, well
I mean uber in every sense of the word.
Emily came over Sunday night to help launch his campaign.
Truman's campaign posters say
"Who has two thumbs and will be the best Assembly Director?
This Guy!"
Then we put googly eyes on his eyes on the posters.
(Got it?)
It's priceless.
Thanks Emily Zoe.