Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Emily was Mrs. Bumble for the play, Oliver!
It was fun watching her being mean.
The play was produced by Don Bluth.
He's had a lot of success in the business.
Anastasia is one of his movies.
He happens to live in her ward.

Bama, Emily and Janet.  The two grandmas.

Family came to support her.  It was enjoyed by all.
Two of her aunts came.  I think they had a good time.

Her parents had fun too.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

They're delivered!

Cole is delivering the baskets of stockings to A New Leaf.

Some of the loot.

This is Hedi.  She was Cole's contact throughout the process.
The V.P. of A New Leaf was there too.
Both women were so happy and thanked Cole many times for his Eagle Project.

A New Leaf

Cole is giving the stuffing directions to the group.

Cole's Eagle is well under way.  He got a lot of items donated for the stockings as well as
money to purchase any needed items.
One night a couple of weeks ago, Cole got his Young Mens and Young Womens
groups together to help stuff the stockings.

Friday, November 6, 2009


We carved pumpkins on Halloween night. 
Can't say it's my favorite part of Halloween.
It is a tradition, so sacrifices were made.
Pumpkin seeds collected and made into delicious treats.

Big brother, Cole, helping make the pumpkin look a little better.

Quinn, a ninja (once again), with the pumpkins before the Trick-or-Treating.

After this picture, Truman turned himself into some kind of scary thing with make-up.
He tried desperately to have a costume without a shirt, to display his muscles you know.
His parents wouldn't let him go around without a shirt.
Silly boy.

Bell Peppers?

The other day I put out these decorative pumpkins in my living room.  My mother, the one that lives with me, said, "Is that a bell pepper or a pumpkin decoration?"  I guess two pumpkins and a bell pepper screams Fall to her . . . .