Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Today we got a package from Cole.  In it contained a jump drive with over 202 pictures and videos on it.  This is just a small smattering of what it offered. 
 It's so good to see Cole as a missionary.  Cole is third from left and his companion is to his right.  This is down in Nago, Okinawa, before he was transferred to Takasu, Hiroshima.
Cole likes to send pictures with no names, dates, or explanations.  That way, we can make up whatever story we want to go with each picture.  This one looks like spaghetti with Skittles.  Derishous.
 Again, Cole is third from the left. I don't know much more about it than that.
 This is Cole and his companion and some natives.  At least that's what it looks like to me.
I figured out this is a waterfall.  Don't know where except I know it's in Japan.  Maybe when he gets home in February 2013, he'll be able to re-cap these pictures for us.  Maybe not.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Super powerful, fast, running shoes.

When Truman was 3, he'd often put on his tennis shoes and tell us,
"See how fast my super powerful, fast, running shoes can go!"
He'd run up and down our long hallway making us count how many seconds it would take him to make the trip.
He never got tired of doing that.
This year Truman is a sophomore and he made varsity on the track team.  We purchased some awesome track shoes at Sole Runners to give him the best advantage.  All during pre-season things looked promising.  His coach helped him to focus on the events he does best and the season was set for good things to come.  Rick and I showed up to his first meet in Tempe two minutes too late just in time to miss Truman and his team win the 800 meter relay.  I was disappointed we missed it but wasn't too worried because it was only his first run of the season.
And this is his last run of the season, just a few days later.  Truman performed at the Queen Creek Invitational with 30 or so other schools from around Arizona.  He was running injured.  Somewhere along the line he developed a knee injury.  During spring break we took him to the orthopedic doctor where there were x-rays taken and an MRI done and a diagnosis made.

No surgery was needed but the diagnosis which is, IT Band Frictional Syndrome, requires him to stay off running for 6 weeks and intensive physical therapy three times a week for 6 weeks.  Apparently this IT Band number is quite painful and will be something he'll have to work at keeping at bay once the inflammation calms down.

His coach told him he'll have two weeks left in the season to try to make it to state.  None of us are too hopeful that will happen.

1.  Can I get a refund for the athletic fee?  (We pay a pretty penny in Arizona for our kids to participate.)
2.  Do you think Sole Runners will take back those super powerful, fast running shoes (and super expensive)?  They've hardly been worn.

Mama's not happy.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


The 5th graders took a field trip down to Oracle, Arizona, to tour the Biosphere.  We were a rather large group with 150 kids and chaperons, but not to worry, our ever qualified volunteer tour guides took their jobs quite seriously and we got the best information anyone could wish for!  And then some.
The Biosphere is 20 years old and the plant growth is crazy! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The other day Quinn and his friend were watching the movie "Johnny English Reborn".  In it some bad guy pays $500,000,000 dollars for some kind of something.  When the kids saw that sum of money being paid his friend said,

"If I had $500,000,000, I could get any kind of sports car I wanted, when I grow up."

To which Quinn replied, "Or go to college."

Ah, my boy.

I love him.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hail, yes!

Yesterday was one of those cold March days.  While coming home from church it started to hail.  After getting out of the car, this is what the boys did.

They do love themselves some weather.
Because of our Arizona "cold" day, I wore a sweater to church.  I wasn't so sure of it in the first place.  I bought it because, 
#1 It was originally almost $200 dollars
#2 It was way on sale when I bought it and 
#3 I purchased it at Anthropology.  What an awesome store, and anything I buy from there has got to be awesome, right?  After all, how can I go wrong with buying a one-time expensive sweater at a cool store?!
However, during church Quinn, my 10 year old, leaned over to me and very sincerely asked, 
"Did you wear this sweater to the Ugly Sweater Christmas Party?"

No.  No I didn't.  Perhaps I should have.  
I wore this one instead.
Aren't kids great when it comes to making up your mind about something?!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Serve it up.

I mean seriously, who thinks of these things?  I saw this cute little entertainer's helper this morning on my favorite show in the world, The Today Show.  It's called Serve it up.  It's made out of porcelain and has a suction cup on top so you can attach any plate to it making it a very unique cake/display stand.

I gotta get me one of these.  If anyone has used one, please let me know how your experience with it has been.  Because right now, I'm sold.

Friday, March 9, 2012

It was a Wicked night.

Last night the boys, Rick and I went to Wicked.  It was a lot of fun.  I was able to get a decent picture of the boys.  Then I wanted a picture of Rick and I and below was the best result.  I guess you just don't ask someone who happens to be 15 or under and in the row in front of you to take the picture because the results can be well, a bit unflattering.  The picture below was the best one....that's not saying a lot. 

The kids really enjoyed the play.  I loved it too. Rick worked hard at trying to stay awake.  It always amazes me how much crazy talent is out there.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

From molting rooster to white rooster.

When you start out with a rooster like this, it's almost impossible to go down hill from here.  The above rooster isn't even the original paint.  I purchased this for fifteen dollars years ago from a swap meet.  The gentleman who sold this to me purchased it down in Mexico and it came covered in red and green colors, and it had a strong stench of gasoline attached to it.  This was the finished product back in the early 2000s.  That was so last decade.  I kind of still liked it but felt it needed some updating.  So I got some spray paint primer and glossy white paint and took it to town.
This is after one light dusting of the primer.