Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thank You.

Not so long ago, one of my good friend's daughter had a serious medical emergency.  She was rushed to a nearby hospital and then flown to a bigger children's hospital only to be transferred to a specialty children's hospital a few days later once she was stabilized.

I visited my friend and her daughter once things settled down and took her a few things to pass the time and make things a little easier.  After my visit, I got a Thank You note in the mail from my friend.  It was hands down the best thank you note I've ever gotten.  I've kept it and read it from time to time in hopes that one day I'll be able to write a note as beautiful as this one.  She wrote:

"Thank you so much for coming to the hospital to visit Molly & me.  Thanks for bringing lunch, the movies and magazines.  We had fun watching & reading!  Lunch was the best.  I appreciate you so much.  You are a true friend and I am so blessed to have you as a friend.  There is a saying that goes like this:  Everyone hears what you say, friends listen to what you say, best friends listen to what you don't say.  Thanks for listening to what I don't say.  It meant so much to me to have you there.  Thanks again and again!  Love, Ann"

Monday, February 27, 2012

A Tale of Three Aprons.

A while back a couple of my favorite friends took me to lunch for my birthday....never mind that my birthday was in August.  That's how we do things.  We're busy girls.  Anyhow, Tory gave me this sa-weet apron.  I loved it so much that I put it on as soon as I got home.

I wasn't cooking with my apron, I was painting my buffet at the time....you may have heard about it here.  I know, painting with this fine apron was not one of my best choices.  But, that's how I roll.
While painting, the door bell rang so I asked Quinn to answer the door (big mistake).  He was happy to do it.  I swear, whenever anyone knocks on our door or ring the door bell, my boys are like Pavlov's dog and they run to the door like fools because they can't get the door opened fast enough.  There just may be a friend at the other side.  Forget about the Boogie Man or worse, a salesman, the door must be opened!!  When Quinn opened the door, we were met with two women.  Two women who I didn't know.

And (here's the kicker), they both were wearing aprons!  Not as cute as mine but rather an industrious, sturdy, and workhorse type of style.  Think Pier One versus Home Depot, that will get you where you need to visually be.

Let me paint another picture for you; I'm standing in my living room, wearing an apron, holding a paint brush while being surrounded by my project and there are two strangers at my door also in aprons.  Weird.

Friday, February 24, 2012

I want it back.

Sometimes, like now, I wish I could get back my Valentine's goodies.
I wish they didn't get eaten so fast.
I wish they didn't taste so good.
I wish they weren't gone. 
This year I tried Hugs and pretzels with an M&M on top.  
Just a little something I saw on the Devil's site, Pinterest.
It is the perfect combination of salty and sweet.
For real. 
Flowers seem to make everything taste better.
Dang it.  I hate these chocolate cravings.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Marathon Mom.

This afternoon Quinn asked me, "Mom, what kind of candy bar did you like when you were younger that's not around anymore?"  To which I replied, "Well, pretty much everything that I liked when I was younger is still around.  I'm not that old, you know."  This was my attempt to re-educate Quinn on how being 40 something is the new 30 something.  Right?  (Even though 30 something is probably still  considered old to a 10 year old.)

"I mean when you were a kid.  What did you like when you were a kid?"  he insisted.

Pause (on my end).

"Then the Marathon bar.  It had braided soft caramel covered in milk chocolate and was delightful." 

Ah,  I guess no matter how I play it, old is old to my son, and that I am.  Even the wrapper has a .15 cent price stamped on it.  When was the last time you've ever seen a candy bar for 15 cents, if ever?  Just thinking about the Marathon bar makes my mouth water.  I know it wouldn't have crossed my mind had Quinn not come up with the wicked question.

Now I want one.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh boots, my boots.

Last week I went to Dillards just because.  I do that sometimes.  I got lucky as they were having 65% off of their shoes.  Oh, good gravy.  I found the perfect pair of Born Carpenter boots for a steal!  I was so super excited especially since I had a gift certificate which nearly paid for the whole thing. 

When I tried the boot (notice singular) on in the store, it was so comfortable and fit perfectly.  Once home and happy, I put the boots (now see the plural) back on to give them a walk about.  I noticed the right boot felt bigger than my left.  Upon further investigation, I could confirm that I did indeed have one size 8 boot for my left foot and one size 8 1/2 boot for my right foot.  Curses!  I was so sad and disappointed. 

I called the Oliver, the shoe guy at Dillards, and asked him if they had another pair like mine?  After checking all of the Dillards in Arizona, he told me that no, there weren't any size 8 Carpenter boots left.  Drats.  Welcome to my life!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

25 Years. Happy Valentine's Day!

Yes, I did get married on Valentine's Day.  
It's been 25 years.  Man that has gone by fast!  
1987 was the year and boy do the clothes and colors reflect that.  
Rick had more hair, I had more of a waist.
We were young and stupid.....I still feel that way.
We were married at the Arizona Temple with many, many other couples.  February 14, 1987 happened to be the second Saturday in February so, the Temple was especially busy that day.
After we were married, the officiator said, "Okay, we need you to wrap this up as we have lots of other marriages to perform."  Basically we were shooed out of the marriage room as fast as we could leave. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Heavy metal.

Quinn got braces today.  Now I'm afraid he may be too young for them and it's too late to take them off.  About four hours after he got them on, he said, 

"I want them off.  I don't like them.  I can't eat with them."  He won't be 11 until June 18th.  I sure hope the orthodontist knows more about how a 10 1/2 year old boy handles braces than I do!  

I took him in for a consultation a few weeks ago and I figured Quinn would have a year or two of pulling teeth, and prep work before the actual braces began.  During the consultation, the orthodontist said, 

"Well, he's ready to start!  He'll need braces for 18 months.  We'll get going right away."

I felt like I was on a ride that I didn't mean to get on.  I really thought we were window shopping and now we've purchased the entire contents of the store. 
The last one.

 He's our fourth and last child to get braces.  Fifth if you count Rick (I do).  Rick got braces about 11 years ago when he took Emily in for a consultation.

They both ended up with braces.

That was fun.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

From old lady to Hello Lady!

Remember this?
 And this?
I do.  

This precious piece was practically loved to death.  But, with a little CPR (Crafty Paint Recycling), I ended up with this.