Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I love Engrish.

Cole, my missionary in Japan, sent us lots of pictures yesterday via memory card....without any explanation to go along with them.  So, most pictures are of people we've probably read about in Cole's weekly e-mails but, we're not sure who is who.  However, I'm pretty sure he took a picture of this recycle container to emphasize the great use of Japanese English, or as we like to call it, Engrish.  Below is what's written on the container (word for word, punctuation included), in case you can't see the type.  Enjoy.

They will be resources if it divides.
It will be garbage if it misses.
Resources are limited.
However, there's no limit
to ideas of human beings.

I really am glad that Japan is recycling now.  When we were there 20 years ago, recycling wasn't around.  Still, you gotta love it.

Also, today is my husband's birthday.  When we married he was 23.  Now he's much older. However, there's no limit to ideas of human beings.  Like my Engrish?
Above all, he's kind and patient.  He's a great dad and husband.  He serves faithfully in our church and loves the Lord.  He's a hard worker and loves to exercise!!  Happy birthday, Rick!

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Rick said...

He's kind of handsome in a special kind of way.