Saturday, August 29, 2009

This is where we sleep.

Okay, ignore the applique on the head of the bed.
In fact, ignore the bed frame completely.
This is to show my new bed set!
I love it.
Rick loves it too, at least he says he does.

It is lovely, don't you think?!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bubble Baths Make You Feel Better!

Quinn's been home sick with a nasty summer cold the past two days.
As usual, soaking in a tub makes him feel better.
Adding bubbles to the mix is icing on the cake!

Time Flies!

My birthday was Tuesday, August 25th. Use to be that once school was out I'd count down the days until my birthday all summer long. Not so anymore. Seems my birthday comes faster each year! Rick helped make my birthday special by baking one of my favorite cakes, German Chocolate. Yum.

All the candles are lit . . . notice the spot on my right breast, I leaned over a little too far into my Chicken Parmesan with Artichoke Hearts and didn't notice. Nice.

The dirty deed is done.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stenences About Me by Quinn Tipton

Schools just starting and one of the first papers that came home was a questionnaire about Quinn. Good to know he's proud of his dog. . . I'm glad he thinks he's funny and fast! Also, he does love to draw and play video games, but the thing that stresses me out is item #7.

Why does he want a bird? This is not the first or second petition for a bird.

Hope that idea flies out of his head fast!

And by the way, it does indeed look like he's drawn himself picking his nose. Yep, he's a Tipton!

Three down, one to go.

Truman got his braces off not long ago. Last night, after he was flexing for me, I asked him if I could get a picture of him with his braces, thus the shirtless grin. I don't like it when the boys walk around without their shirts - it's something I don't tolerate, don't know why.

Truman actually won his braces! He entered a writing contest held by a local orthodontist at his school last year. The ortho picked 5 or so finalists and had each one come in for an evaluation. Several days later, Truman was picked. When I went in to fill out the papers, on the financial part it said, "Scholarship worth $5,400, amount due: Z E R O!" Ha! I was so happy. We'd already put Emily and Cole through braces. Truman saved us so much money!

Because of this wind fall, I told Truman that I would buy him something. He deserved it. He said he wanted the Transformers Wii game. Alright, I'd gladly pay $50 for a game than to pay for braces. When we got to Target, the game was on sale for $14.99, does that ever happen? Truman was happy with the game and I was just plain happy!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Rick took the kids camping Friday afternoon while I went to work a half shift. When my shift was over at 7:30 p.m., I had a "free" night to myself, sort-of. My mother has been living with us since April. She started campaigning for our "spare" room/den upon Emily's engagement in December. Ahhh, I knew that day would come . . . again. This isn't the first or second time she's lived with us.

I've always felt a charge for Mom, you know, a big responsibility type feeling. Sometimes it weighs me down, more often than I probably realize. I'm the baby of six children and yet it seems I'm nearly the only one capable or willing to share my home with her. I had another sister that offered, made space, etc., but it wasn't what Mom was looking for. I guess Mom's not into double-wides.

Having her move in didn't bring too many surprises, just memories of the other two times she's lived with us since I've been married for the past 20 years! Living with her takes great patience, to say the least, of which I don't have. Which brings me back to my, "night alone."

After work I decided to go to the movies by myself, something I've done only once before. I wanted to see, "Julie & Julia." Before entering the theatre I thought I should call my mother, as a courtesy, to let her know I wouldn't be straight home. That was the first thing that bugged me, being my age, a mother of four, and having to 'check in' with my mommy! Of course she didn't hear the phone and I couldn't get in touch with her. Don't worry, in the middle of the movie she called. I had the phone on vibrate and I let her leave a message.

I listened to the message when I got out of the movie which went something like this,

"Hi, this is your mother. Where are you? It's 9:15 and you're not home. I hope you're not in a car accident! Maybe you tried to call. I didn't have the phone by me. Okay, I hope you're not dead. . . . . "

Lovely. I felt 16 again (with a cell phone this time)! I called her and this time she was sitting on the phone waiting for me to call.

"Yeah, I figured you went to the movie." Was her reply.

I got home by 10:15 and Teddy, our trusty dog, was ready for a walk. I started out the door and I hear,

"You're not going out in the dark? What if someone takes you? Don't go too far from the house!"

First of all, our neighborhood is very safe. Secondly, it was going to be a short walk . . . until her comment.

On the day she moved in, I had the realization that she could live at least another 10 years.

Help me.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

PB Syrup with Chocolate Whole Wheat Pancakes from Hot off the Garlic Press

Sometimes I see a recipe from another blog and it just gets in my head until I try it. My kids and husband always slather their pancakes with peanut butter so for me to try this recipe was a no brainer! However, it's hard to make the specimen look appetizing in pictures due to the lack of color. . . but they are delicious.

I could only handle one pancake with the syrup because of the richness of the dish. My husband didn't stop at the syrup, he added bananas on top of the pancake! I can't speak for the added banana, I'm not that kind of gal. For the recipe, check out

A typical Saturday (Chores not included)

Quinn had several friends over including; Alden, Heber & Michael.
Here the boys are on Quinn's bed playing Legos/Bionicles.

Cut to Truman and Andrew on the computer.
Andrew spent most of the summer away and now the boys are reunited!

After Legos, Quinn & Heber moved to video games. So much fun.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

James Bond

Quinn turned on the Play Station this morning. In it was the James Bond game.
Que the theme music . . .

"I could listen to that music all day." Said Quinn. "If I get an Ipod, I want that to be on it."

Oh, simple pleasures.