Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Scott's Reservoir.

On Labor day we went to Scott's Reservoir up in Pine Top/Lakeside with Rick's other brother and his family.  We took canoes and canoed (is that a real word?) across the lake to and hiked for at least 30 minutes to a hole in the ground called the, "Ice Cave". 

On our way to the ice cave. 
Love the green.
Did I say how much I love the green?  I do, lots!
  Now this is what I call, "A hole in the ground!"  Even at the opening, the air was at least 20 degrees cooler....though no ice in sight. 
Truman climbing into a tight spot.  Who dresses that kid anyway?
My sister-in-law, Jamie, and I getting ready to descend to the muck and murk of the ice cave.
The happy group. Truman is holding his breath....I'm so proud.
Rick and Scott.
Walking back to the canoes.
Heading back from where we came.
Loved this trip!

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