Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween happenings

Each year my childhood best friend puts on a very elaborate Halloween Party.  This year was no exception!  This is the 7th annual event, actually.  Kristine and Kevin were the hosts.  Rick and I went as John & Kate plus 8!  Some people did confuse my 8 babies and me for the Octomom . . . really? 

Friday, October 23, 2009

An apple a day.

Today was caramel apple day.  Koa & Quinn helped make them apples, well mostly they helped eat them. 

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Feathers & Fall passings

For the last two evenings, Quinn & I have watched, "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown," and "Hocus Pocus."  These are our mid-October traditions.  I love, "Hocus Pocus."  Truman, my 13 year old, hasn't really gotten into it.  He's not much for scary movies.  I think he'd be able to handle it now but he was at gymnastics when Quinn & I were watching it.  Maybe next time.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pick a Glittery Pumpkin!

During our Utah visit, I spied these fabulous glitter pumpkins on Kimberly's island counter.  Something I knew could  be done with ease . . . . unless you add three kids ranging in age from 13 to 8. 

Our neighbor, BJ, Quin & Truman were the artists.

Here's our sparkly pumpins. 
We spread on craft glue and added glitter!
I did sweep and sweep up a lot of glitter.
At least my floor dirt was pretty.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Utah in a nutshell.

Many activities were planned, (in my mind), few were actually accomplished.  This was Quinn's first time ice skating.  He did very well.  Truman's second.  He's an old pro.

Okay, dork patrol.  Why does Kimberly look like a movie star and I look like her brainless half sister on psychtropic drugs?

Greyson & Truman and the two person pyramid.
Kimberly and Alexa.  It was colder inside than outside!
Quinn, Truman & Colten at the neighborhood pond.  We're told they caught three fish and then released them back in the pond.

Truman playing football out back with the kids.

So the meat of the vacation was spent with Quinn sick with a fever, body aches and a cough.  He spent an entire day and a half miserable then woke up the next morning and went ice skating.  It wasn't a total bust.  So far no one else at the Wynne camp nor the Tipton camp has come up sick. 
Miracles never cease.

A trip to Utah.

On Saturday the boys, Rick & I left for Utah.  Glen Canyon Dam marks our half way point.  We always get a kick out of how many times we can say, "dam."  Like, "Where's the dam garbage can?"  "Do you know where the dam bathroom is?"  For some reason this makes us all smirk as if we're doing something really bad.  Simple pleasures.
That's one big dam!

This is what we looked like at the half way point.  Don't even venture to wonder what we looked like at the end!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NieNie on OPRAH 10/7/2009 - Tomorrow!

Okay, so many of you know I like to view (I prefer view instead of blogstock) Stephanie Nielson's blog. It's inspiring, funny & spiritual. Tomorrow, due to her lovely & tragic story, she'll be on Oprah. Now, I'm not a regular viewer on Oprah at all, but this show deserves some TiVo or DVRing!! I know you won't be disappointed.

Follow the blog below for more information.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Homecoming 2009

This is what we call, "Homecoming."  Cole and his date, Olivia, decided to do it up semi-casual.  Duh.  Once again, dealing with the child who refuses to be a conformist.  They did look cute and  they had a good time too.  Alex, Cole's Russian friend, had an original feast at his house catered by his native Russian born mother and her husband.

This years group was a little electic.  Only the two girls in white were of the LDS faith, thus more revealing dresses from the other girls.  S w e e t .