Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tipton Surprise

Gary, the patriarch of the Tipton family, decided to put on a surprise birthday for his soon to be 70-year-old wife, Janet. Preparations were made in secret for weeks. Requests were put out for family and friends of old to write their memories of Janet. Some of the group waiting for the arrival of the birthday girl. Here's the twist, Gary had been sick in bed on the day of the surprise party. He insisted they go out to eat (knowing family had traveled from far to be here). When Janet protested, because of Gary's illness, Gary had to give up the ghost and tell of his sinister secret plot of a surprise party. Now Janet knew but she didn't know we knew that she knew. So, we had to play along with her acting like she was surprised. We acted like we were happy that she was surprised. Understand?
Janet walked into the secluded quarters at Mimi's Cafe with a surprised look on her face.
Emily Zoe ran up and gave her a warm birthday welcome.
Tiffany crowned her with a '70' sparkling crown and a, "Kiss me. It's my birthday!" sash.
The cake is being brought in by the staff. All eyes are on the cake!
Cherisse made the banana cake on top and the Boston cream cake on the bottom.
It was a delight. We still knew that she knew but she didn't know that we knew that she knew. It all worked out.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Girls Camp . . . Craft Cabin!

Girl's camp is coming up June 10th. In preparation I had about 14 YCLs over to help me & my craft cabin partner, Tammy, cut out pin wheel patterns.

We had treats to eat, including white chocolate popcorn with mini m&ms, thanks Hot off the Garlic Press! I didn't take any pictures 'cause it was being eatin' too fast. It was easy to make and even funner to eat.

Here's one of the finished products. I taught the girls how to make them so they can help with the younger girls once we get up to camp. These are a little tricky, but fun!

Works just like a regular pin wheel, but prettier.

Goodbye 2nd Grade!

Quinn's 2nd grade class had a little awards ceremony and play the last week of school.
Miss Harmon, his teacher, gave Quinn several awards, mostly for character. He learned a lot this year.
After the awards, the kids got up in small groups and put on short plays. It was cute.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My own Button

My sweet seven year old, Quinn, has a very rare neuro-muscular disease. There's no cure and an unknown prognosis. All we know is what he deals with every day; pain, muscle weakness, waisting and eventually paralysis. The disease is mainly in his arms but it has moved around to his back and neck for the last few months. When sitting or laying still for any length of time, his body stiffens and is difficult to free up, just like old bones.

I just got through watching, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," and couldn't help but seeing such similarities with Benjamin's plight; a young mind in an old body. Hopefully someday there will be a cure, or at least a better treatment than what Quinn has now, a pill that his grandma also takes, Lyrica. (Though Quinn's dosage is larger.) His neurologist said that once the offending gene is found, research usually takes off. The gene to Heredity Neuralgic Amyotrophy was found around 2003.

Maybe one day my own Button won't have to feel pain and walk like an old man.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Painting brothers

Cole & Quinn were feeling a little creative.
They laid down an old white sheet, got two canvasses & started to paint.

Cole is painting a panda for Abigail.
Quinn painted an eyeball and three kids running away from it.
Priceless, both of them.


Fathers and sons was last weekend.
As you can imagine, the boys and their father had a blast,
especially the part about getting dirty!
Why wash faces or put on clean clothes?
That's what camping is all about.
A camp fire with lots of smoke
Even though there's usually some type of stream nearby, somehow the boys manage to not get their dirt parts wet/clean!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Outstanding student

Truman was honored at Desert Ridge Junior High for receiving the Outstanding Student in Language Arts award. Here he is getting a medal from Miss. Tutor.


Quinn was checking himself out in the living room mirror when I asked,

"What are you doing?"

"I'm making myself spicy," he replied.

If only it were that easy!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rattler Pride

It's award season. Tonight Truman's Junior High School, Desert Ridge, had the Spring Sports Award Ceremony. Truman's team meddled in the 4x400 mile relay. Truman is the only 7th grader on the 4x400 team.
Then came the individual awards: Most improved, Most Valuable Player, and the one Truman got, The Rattler Pride Award. It's the all around, good sport, good team player, good kid award. He also got this award in the Winter Award Ceremony for Cross Country.
Way to go, Truman!!
He's following in Emily's footsteps. Except she got her Rattler Pride Awards in Cheerleading, Soccer and Orchestra. I would hope Truman wouldn't get it for Cheerleading!
Something would be wrong.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Alas, another infamous birthday celebration. This time it was Emily who was 20 on the 2nd of May and Roxcy who was 02 on the 3rd of May. Tiffany is assisting Roxcy in opening her presents.What girls doesn't need a pair of rain boots?!

When you're married and without children, movie gift certificates seem to be the best form of gift giving.
The birthday girls blow out their candles. Roxcy had a difficult time with her two candles! Emily didn't have a hard time with hers.

Hands down!

Cole got a blue ribbon at the District art show tonight at the Gilbert District Center.
He got the prize for the best of show. Meaning, he won!
Many forms of art were featured.
However, the blue ribbon is not in place.
The District doesn't want to make it a "competition."
Let's celebrate mediocrity!

Cole shows his model for his piece.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Emily Zoe is 20!

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Emily Zoe. When she was almost one year old, she moved to Japan, with her parents. While in Japan, Emily had many adventures. Here she is visiting a park in Japan called Shiki No Mori Kohen.

Sometimes after an adventure, Emily would play in a blow up pool with the neighbors in the common parking lot. Can you tell which one is Emily?

After playing in the water, Emily would retire back in her little apartment.
One day Emily was nominated for Junior Prom Princess.
She won!
For her Senior year, Emily was nominated for Homecoming Queen.

She won that too! Emily had fun dressing up.

Now Emily's all grown up and married.

Happiness and bubbles to you, Emily.
Happy Birthday!!

I love you always, Mom.