Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Day in Christmas

So this is Christmas.
At least at the Tipton home.
On Christmas morning I host a brunch at 11:00 for
my side of the family.
Above is Cole and Steven playing chess.
We always have delicious ham
with rolls, along with other sides.

This is Samy.
David's daughter.
She turned two on December 8th.
My Uncle Lloyd is in the onesize.
He dressed up for the occassion.
If he were in anything different
he would be at Church.
The boys got a new video game.
Some kind of Mario one that has 4 players.
This is what my dad does most of the time.
A nice nap after eating.
The best part of the day was
Quinn getting a Cockatiel.
He's been wanting a bird for a long time.
This is Dutch.
(named by Quinn)
He's 10 weeks old.
We're told by 10 months he should be speaking.
We love him.
It's so fun.
Who would have thought?
At the end of Christmas night Quinn said,
"I have to write Santa a thank you letter.
I got the best prestent ever."

Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Twas the night before Christmas . . .

Everything is ready for the arrival of Chrsitmas day.
The Natavity scene was preformed by Tipton cousins.
Jaden, Malloy & Violet (a.k.a., Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus)
Cole & Truman were wise men . . . duh.

Quinn & McKay were shepherds.
All in all it wasn't too sacrilidge.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Give me a break!

It wouldn't be the holidays
without a broken bone.
Truman broke his wrist at gymnastics
while preforming a
Round Off Back Hand Spring.
He's out of comission for
two months.
Last night after having his cast for less than 12 hours Truman told me,
"I hate this thing.  Why can't I move my arm?!"
We discussed his broken foot that was casted for two months and how that was worse.
I don't think it made him feel any better.
Now, more appointments and physical therapy ahead.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It does seem like Emily was the only guest . . . . .

What a Blessing.

Today was Violet Valentine Johnson's blessing day.  She was born to Tiffany and Shaun Johnson on October 19th.  Tiffany is one of Rick's sisters.  Violet is Tiffany's fourth child, and third daughter.  After the blessing we dined on a catered Costa Vita lunch (all purchased yesterday, mind you).  It was lovely.  I think she's the Tipton's 21st grandchild.  Wow.  Congrats Johnsons!  She's beautiful.

Christmas Breakfast With Santa?

Where is Santa?
Well, he's in the other room, seeing the other kids.
My kids?
They're drawing and playing.
They're too busy to visit Brother Judd, err, Santa.
Koa, Quinn's buddy, drew this guy.
The boys insisted a picture was taken to mark the occassion.
Apparently Koa's guy likes, "Pizza."
Quinn's guy is an, "Evil Scientist."
We need more of them around.
What's Truman up to?
Um, I don't know.
Why don't you look for the cute girls.
He'll be there.

Sorry, Santa!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Each year at Thanksgiving it's my very own tradition to make two pies . . .
lemon meringue and pecan.
There are a couple of people who love these;
Gary, Rick's dad, loves the lemon pie
and Truman, my 13-year-old, loves the pecan.
I like them too!!
A lot.
Forget about pumpkin pie.
The texture is all wrong.

A Prescott Thanksgiving

Ever other year the Tiptons get together for Thanksgiving.
It's a tradition.
This was the odd year.
Still, some of us Tiptons got together.
The Hancocks, my family, hasn't had a Thanksgiving together in years.
Heather, our hostess, opened up her home and kitchen to us.
The kids helped a lot.  Chelsea and Cole cut up a bunch of shallots.
Their eyes hurt.  Burned is more like it.
We had two turkeys.
One in the deep fryer.
The other cooked the traditional way in the oven.
Both were delicious.
The fryer got a lot of attention.
When you have to use protective eye wear and silicone gloves to cook your meal,
you better be thankful no one got hurt but the turkey.
The finished product.
Notice how it took three grown men to complete the process?
Rick, Jay and Mark, Heather's dad.
We put Max and Jonathan to work peeling potatoes.
They were happy to help. Honest.
Heather, me and Janet. 
Lots of food and fun.
The kids' table.
The adult table - although that could be questioned.

My favorite part of the event was when Heather's friend brought over her homemade caramels.
They're called Black Crow Caramels.