Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break Picnic

For spring break we enjoyed the weather.
One of the days Quinn had a picnic at our park
with a couple of friends.
I made cheese crisps and salsa. 
They also dined on chips and a juice box and gummies for dessert.

Are cheese crisps a weird thing to bring to a picnic?
I'm thinking so.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Risky Business

For some reason, Quinn feels like
he has to undress and then parade around.
Kind of like Tom Cruise in
Risky Business
don't you think?

The boy loves to dance around naked.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dutch Flew the Coop . . . .

So, Dutch has flown the coop.
Today Dutch was with Quinn while he was on the computer and
I was outside washing the windows on the house in the back yard.
I left the door open.
Wouldn't you know it,
Dutch's clipped wings have grown back and
he can fly.
Which means a boy on a computer,
a mother on a ladder washing windows and
a bird who has his once clipped wings grown back
makes for a great escape.

We combed the neighborhood all day
looking for our beloved Dutch.
I'd like to think he's happy.
Quinn hopes he didn't get eaten by a dog.
He keeps thinking of all kinds of scenarios.
(None of them good.)

No more, "cat call" from Dutch when we walk down the hall.
It was a self esteem booster to have someone whistle at you in a sexy manner,
even if it was just a bird.
Quinn said, "Now Santa will never bring me another bird
'cause he'll say I won't take care of it."
I don't think I've seen an 8 year old boy cry so much.
Here's to you Dutch.

We love you.
Please fly back home.
No questions asked.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ladies Welcome.

This sign is for communication between
our home's busy inhabitants.
Cole chose to use it
to communicate with the ladies.
That's his door to the right.
F.Y.I.,  no ladies have been to the house since he posted the sign.
I think that's a sign in itself.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Senior pictures.

Cole got his senior pictures taken the end of February.
Of course they had to be in a unique place,
some abandoned shack with grafitti all over it.
Here Cole shows his chess pieces and
his Members Only jacket he got from
Savers for $3.
Don't worry, he wore the jacket in e v e r y picture.
Rest assured.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Pinewood Derby . . .

Once again it is Pinewood Derby time.
We've gone thorough this yearly ritual with Cole and Truman
and now it's Quinn's turn.
We have a huge group of Scouts.
Even so, Quinn got to race four times.
Three times he got second and once he got third place.

In the end, Quinn got a certificate for
The Most Creative Car.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Matsuri or some kind of crazy dress up show?

On Satruday we went to the Matsuri (a.k.a. Japanese Festival).

We've taken the kids each February for years.

We always get good food there and a taste of the Japanese culture when we go.
It reminds us of when we lived there with Emily.

These are the Taiko drums.
When they're played, it's awesome!

This artist comes each year to make intricate candy sculptures.
He does a fantastic job!

Quinn &Truman tried out the karesansui, a.k.a. sand garden.
However, not all of the festival was full of culture . . .
There were all kinds of kids dressed up as Japanese animae characters.
I kid you not, these pictures do not do them justice!

Actually, the guys on the left are legit.  The others are wannabes.
Please don't miss the middle girl's tail.
That is a girl.
I had to put a picture of this comic book in because it reminded me of Emily.

Childhood friends.

A few weeks ago I got together with a copule of childhood/high school friends.
We talked about what's been happening in our lives and what's going on now.
(We haven't seen each other in years!)
We also talked about people we remembered from high school.
There were names brought up that I had totally forgotten about!
We had a lovely afternoon on the patio at Pei Wei's.
Heres to friends.