Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today is my birthday!

This is my kindergarten picture.
I barely tuned 5 when this was taken.
I wore my
Flower girl
dress for the pictures.
As you may gather from the colors of the dress,
the wedding colors were
brown & yellow.
That's the '70s for you!
Ahhh, I loved it so!
I also had some
Buster Brown
shoes to go with.
They were shiny and brown and tan.
"What's that toothless smile?"
You may ask.
Well, my teeth were rotten down to the nubbins from being put to bed with a
bottle of apple juice nightly as a baby.
(Don't try that one at home!)
They stayed that way until I started loosing my teeth in
First Grade!
Don't think that wasn't attractive.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Yes.  This is a barf bag.
The exact type you'd get on an airplane
should the turbulence be too much for ones stomach.
I didn't get a lot of turbulence on this particular flight to
San Francisco,
but I did get to ride with the entire band
back when I was 16 years old!
Talk about a thrill!
The band was in
First Class.
I wasn't.
I knew this would be a once in lifetime opportunity so,
I walked up to
First Class with my
barf bag and asked
Steve Perry
for his autograph.
He said, "Do you have a pen, sweetheart?"
"Ahh," I looked around to the band members and asked,
"Can I borrow a pen?"
One of the members handed me one.
I got my autograph.
See it here?
It says,
Journey, Steve Perry.
Not only did I get to fly with them
but they also went to the
baggage claim and waited for their luggage.
I was thrilled!
I had been to their concert in
the night before where it was sold out for
three performances.
Now here I was waiting with them at the
luggage carousel.
How lucky can a girl get?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Steven is 24!

I don't know how my head got cut off in this picture, but it did.

Steven had a birthday at the beginning of the month.
Due to scheduling conflicts, we had his dinner last Sunday.
His pick was my day long spaghetti meal.
It was delicious.

For his birthday cake he requested
German Chocolate.

Steven blew out his candles
and we rejoiced by eating up the cake!

On another note,
I have candle wax all over my table cloth.
I had three candles which all drooled over the sides
down onto the table cloth.
Any suggestions on fixing that mess?

Also, please check out
on my side bar.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Second day of School!

I'm not one of those moms that gets too caught up in all of the,
"First day back to school hoopla."
Instead, I take pictures on the
second day of school
It's less crazy and scary for the kids this way.
Plus, I plum forgot yesterday.
Too excited, I guess.
Once I sent the kids off,
I cleaned a bit and organized the house
then I took myself to the movies.
I was so giddy.
But then the movie turned out to be a stinker and I left after 45 minutes.
I came home and cleaned two of the bathrooms.
Doing that was better than seeing the movie!
Truman started his freshman year at
Desert Ridge High School.
So far he's gone from
football to
swimming back to
and it's only the second day of school.
His school day starts at 6:30 a.m.
I thought after Cole graduated, we'd get away from A hour.
I thought wrong!
Quinn started 4th grade yesterday.
May I say how strange it is that he's my only elementary school kid?
It is, it's weird.
I also have the belief that second day photos of school are well,
not that flattering.
I mean, really....

(Not pictured:  Cole Tipton)
Cole's first day doesn't start until August 24th.
He'll be attending
Scottsdale Community College
He's a writer and quite a creative guy.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Childhood Friends.

The other night I met a couple of childhood friends for dinner.
Kristine is on the far left and Lauri is in the middle.
We met in 4th grade when I moved to 9th Place in Mesa, AZ.
Kristine just happened to be across the street and a few houses down from me.
We were instant best friends.
Lauri was in my ward, Mesa 25th.
Love that ward!
We all were in the same 4th, 5th and 6th grade classes.
We've kept in touch throughout the years.
Sometimes it's only a Christmas card.
Other times we get to see each other at birthday and Christmas lunches.
Lauri lives out of state so her appearances are more rare.
Kristine's mother was like my second mother.
She taught me everything I know about how to manage a home.
I love that woman!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Amazing Jakes

Summer is winding down
Not the heat.
The free time.
School starts in two days.
On one hand I say, "Thank Goodness!!"
On the other hand, I say, "Man that went by so fast!"
It always does.
It seemes at the beginning of summer we have so much time
but by the end, we've run out of time.
Last Thursday I took Quinn and Truman and their friends to
Amazing Jakes.
We had a lot of fun!

Truman loves himself a challenging rock wall.

Bowling was a lot of fun!
It's a good thing there were bumpers on the gutters.
It made us all better bowlers.
Quinn & Koa

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"A little piece of heaven"

Yesterday I was washing the Odyssey (that sounds cooler than "van", right?), inside and out.  This task hasn't been performed since our trip to the beach in June.  I know, I'm embarrassed to say but it's been a busy summer.  I've cleaned it up here and there but nothing like the deep cleaning that was performed on it yesterday.  Don't worry, it was totally worth it 'cause I found some treasures too.  They were located in the back, way back, of the van where I hardly ever venture.  Behind one of the seats were Quinn's new flip-flops that had mysteriously gone missing.  Hooray!  Also, one of the head rests had been completely filled with stickers from some fast food restaurant.  Along with those stickers was a new kids meal toy.  It was like Christmas for Quinn! 

However, the best treasure I found was this:

Truman put this little gem together of a water bottle with sand and ocean in it before we returned from Newport Beach.  On the bottle is written,

"Truman Tipton's little piece of heaven, Newport Beach, California." 

Unfortunately the original bottle was replaced with a larger, more secure model.  Truman got a hold of it before I could get a picture but you get the idea.