Thursday, September 1, 2011

Have I said how hot it is?

No, really, have I mentioned how hot it is here lately?  Well, it is.  Really, really hot.  The photos above and below have not been "doctored" in any way and show the temperature of my C O L D water, unfortunately.  It very accurately depicts how crazy hot my kitchen faucet is (and every other faucet in my house is for that matter). 
Each night when I wash my face, I have to put the soap in the palm of my hand, turn on the faucet for a brief second, lather up, then tun it off.  I slather the face cleaner onto my face and then....turn on the faucet and as quickly as possible, splash the less than scolding hot water on my face before it turns to hot lava!  Once the water is hot lava, I brush my teeth with it.  It's very unpleasant.  If our water heater is broken, I probably won't realize it until October.  I"m not kidding.  The cold water that comes out of our fridge is only really cool between the hours of 3 am and 5 am, other than that, it's luke warm (slight exaggeration on my part).  Happy Fall everyone!

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