Friday, March 25, 2011

It's mine!

I don't like to buy Cinnamon Toast Crunch mainly because it's full of sugar and because it's almost always gone in one sitting.  Many times, and all four of my children can attest to this, I have sworn off ever buying this cereal again as it causes brief happiness and much grief .  This happens to be one of Truman and Quinn's F A V O R I T E cereals and believe me, we are a cereal family!  Sometimes the lure of a good sale and coupons get the best of me and I end up purchasing a box or two despite my better judgement.  When I woke up this morning, this is what Quinn had done to one of the boxes to stake his claim.  Truman is known to be a very healthy eater in our household and because of that, Quinn must keep his interests available to him.  Sadly, the writing doesn't do anything to dissuade Truman, it only makes him want to eat more.  I'm not buying it again.  Really.  Until the next sale.

I'm silly.  Of course Truman would protect his own interests!!  This is a different box.  I'm really not buying this again....seriously.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Church Reemphasizes Concern for People of Japan, Moving Missionaries Out of Affected Areas

So, there is great uncertainty as to where, when, and if Cole will end up in Fukuoka, Japan.  He's been in the MTC over two months and was scheduled to leave on the 11th of April, exactly one month after the great disaster in Sendai and other areas of Japan.  As of last Tuesday, the day we get to e-mail Cole, he was still thinking he'd go as planned.  Mind you, his knowledge of world events is very limited since he watches no mass media.  His knowledge is from our letters and word of mouth.  Now, with the developments of the nuclear threat and moving missionaries from the Sendai and Tokyo missions to other unaffected missions in Japan, Fukuoka being one, it's unclear where he'll end up.  This is an interesting time and something we never even thought would happen, the nuclear thing, that is.  Wherever he ends up, it will be right for him and I know he'll be terrific.  Pray for the people of Japan, all of them, they need it!

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland spoke Tuesday about how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is handling its missionaries in Japan and its humanitarian efforts since the major earthquake last Friday.

Missionaries in the Sendai and Tokyo South missions will be moved to other areas in Japan, away from nuclear power plants that have the potential to cause more damage, while missionaries in the MTC will be either held or sent to other areas where they can be productive.

Elder Holland said the missionaries will be determined to stay and help the people they love.

“They will be loathe to leave and will be very anxious to get back,” he said.

Elder David F. Evans, of the First Quorum of the Seventy, spoke alongside Elder Holland at the press conference. Elder Evans, who served as mission president of the Japan-Nagoya mission and as president of the Asia North Area, said how incredible it is that all the missionaries were found safe and unharmed from the earthquake.

“Many of them have been wearing the same clothes on their backs,” Elder Evans said. “The remarkable thing is that the system worked.”

Area seventies, mission presidents and bishops in Japan have already been hard at work to help victims in any way they can.

“I cannot say enough about leaders who have worked through the day and through the night,” Elder Holland said. “We’ve got a great team already at work over there.”

Communication is still a problem in Japan, but both Elder Holland and Elder Evans said it was a miracle the Church’s system worked.

“We’ve got bishops that lost their own homes and are out there looking for members to help,” Elder Holland said.

According to a news release from the Church, approximately 95 percent of Church members have been contacted and no deaths have been confirmed. The news release also said some Church buildings have been damaged, but the temple in Tokyo has no significant damage.

The public was directed to the newsroom on the LDS website for updates on humanitarian efforts. Both Elder Evans and Elder Holland said the best way to help is to pray for those who have been affected.

“These are solemn times and sober times, for the whole world,” Elder Holland said. “We need to renew and re-offer our prayers with urgency and gratitude.”

The First Presidency also released a statement of concern toward disaster victims.

“We express our love and support to the people of Japan as they deal with this terrible tragedy. Our prayers, and the prayers of millions of Latter-day Saints across the world, are with them as they begin to recover from this disaster,” the news release read.

Follow the post below to see the official Church news.

Church Reemphasizes Concern for People of Japan, Moving Missionaries Out of Affected Areas

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Blessing Brunch.

On Sunday we had a breakfast brunch for Winston at our home.  Emily & Steven are in a condo that can't fit all of the many family members & friends that came to support and celebrate Winston.  We had several different casseroles, muffins, fruit and lots of these:
Cupcake pops and lemon bars. 
As Emily and I were making them, she commented on how the pops were her wedding colors.  She just had her 2 year anniversary on March 14th.

The Tipton group.  Ah, we're missing Cole......

Parents of the parents and Winston.

Steven crocheted this little number for Winston.  It matches his eyes.
Emily made these booties for him.  Aren't they cute?!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sendai sorrow.

Sometimes silence is the best thing to do.  My unspoken/written goal this month was to post on this blog Monday through Friday for the entire month of March.  That goal was shattered when the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan.  We have a history with Japan and Rick, the guy I live with, served his mission in Sendai, the hardest hit area of Japan. 

I couldn't sleep in the wee hours of Friday morning so I got out of bed and went into the family room where I turned on the television and saw the devastation.  Across the screen read, "Breaking News:  Japan hit with an 8.9 earthquake followed by a massive tsunami."  It took me a couple of minutes to digest all of the information. 

Cole, my missionary, is expected to go to Japan on April 11th after spending 12 weeks in the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah, where he's preparing to teach the Gospel and learning to speak Japanese.  I am grateful that Cole is safe.  On Saturday, I got a text that all of the Japan missionaries are safe and accounted for.  What wonderful news!

The area Cole is supposed to serve in is on the southern island in Japan and not affected by the natural disasters at this time.  I'll hear from him tomorrow by e-mail which hopefully will give me more information on how the Church is going to go forward.  His mission could turn into an humanitarian mission or could stay the same.  It's all speculation on my part. 

I've been stuck to the television getting any type of information I can on the status of the country.  This is a monumental disaster.  It's not a coincidence that my son's group and the group to follow, are the largest groups of missionaries ever to be sent to the Japan Fukuoka mission.  Hopefully they can put these missionaries to good use.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Does anyone have a light?

Our built in microwave has this very well placed light on the top of the inside of the microwave.  It's burnt out and pretty impossible to figure out how to replace it.  I found the owner's manual for it but found nothing about how to replace its tiny light bulb.  So, I called the 800 number listed for guidance.  I was told that the built-in microwaves require a service repairman because it has to be pulled out and the fee to send one out is $179.00.  This is not even including the light bulb!  For that kind of money I'd rather get my entire home cleaned and car washed and waxed.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stuck on you.

On Saturday we had family fun day at Desert Ridge Junior High.  Truman chose the velcro game.  He likes hanging out anyway, so this fit him perfectly.  The highlight for me is Truman getting dressed up in a onesize.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I took a trip to the eye doctor yesterday.  When she started the exam she said, "I see you're complaining that you're having more difficulty with your vision.  You're too young to need progressives.  Let's  take a look."

"You got that right,  sista!" I said.

Well, she was mistaken, my eyesight has gotten to the point where I now need progressives which, by the way, I know will make me car sick since everything else does!  I asked, "What about contacts?"  She laughed, "When they make contacts for astigmatism, near sightedness and far sightedness, I'll let you know.  Until then, you'll need progressives." 

"Crap."  And I mean it in the most upsetting way.

"Oh, and you have ... (big wordy word alert that I cannot spell nor remember) Something-Something Itis which is life long and will never go away.  You'll need to wash your eyes each day in the shower with a little bit of Johnson's Baby Shampoo.  Apply it directly to your eyes and rub gently."

"What?  Did you just say directly to my eyes and rub gently?!"  She's making things up now just to upset me.  I know it. 

"Also," she said, "you'll have to put these drops in your eyes 2-4 times a day....forever."

"Super."  And I mean it in the most sarcastic way.  Nothing like a cheery check up to brighten my day.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cupcake Pop Heaven.

On Sunday night we celebrated 3 birthdays on the Tipton side.  This was the perfect occasion for me to try out these cupcake pops that I've been dying to try.  They're supposed to look like mini cupcakes, however, a friend told me to not go to the trouble so I didn't!
Through trial and error, I learned what to do and what NOT to do.  I think they turned out pretty cute and man did they taste fine!  Happy birthday to Tiffany, Adam and Jayden!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Exploration of the sea.

Cole painted this last year in response to NASA's announcement that they're scrapping their shuttle program.  Seeing as though the last flight is coming up, I thought I'd show Cole's idea of the last frontier, entitled  "Ocean Exploration".  You see it there?  Well, I did after he explained it to me.  Besides, just the colors alone are good enough for me.  This hangs in my little alcove above a sweet refurbished desk.  I think it's awesome!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Elder R. Cole Tipton

Emily, my daugter, made this video for Cole of when he left on his mission.  It's so sweet.  Click on the link below.  Do not click if you are in any way hormonal.  It will not help your situation!

Elder R. Cole Tipton [HQ]


Have you ever had the kind of day that as you're walking into work, you look down and see this?  (Please see below.)

I have and I laughed and laughed.  I still laugh when I think about it.  Slippers can be funny.

Happy birthday mom!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's a beautiful day.

This afternoon I was driving Quinn over to his friend's home when I said, "It's so nice out!  72 degrees and sunny."  When Quinn remarked, "It's just beautiful."  I like how the 9 year old kid can still come out with heart melting statements even though he can't hug me anymore when I drop him off at school in the morning.  I've learned to take what I can get.  Trust me on this.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weeds & Potato Chips

Did you ever wonder what weeds and potato chips have in common?  I know the answer.  You can't have just one potato chip and you can't (at least I can't) pull just one weed.  After all of the rain we've had over the past few weeks, the weeds have gone crazy in areas of our not-quite-finished back yard.  Yesterday, after an especially rainy weekend, I decided to get a weed or two.  Two hours later, I got a lot of weeds pulled and a hitch in my get along from crouching down so long.  Seriously.  I can't walk straight much less turn over in bed without a sharp pain in my lower back.  When I went to sleep last night, I dreamt that the sun was causing all kinds of damage to my skin.  (Probably because that's what I was thinking while I was pulling the weeds in real life.)  My forehead was blistered from the sun which made me sad that I didn't put on a higher SPF product!  Then, and this is the worst thing from my dream, I owned a cat.  I was so in love with this cat and I remember thinking, "This is strange, I don't even like cats" in the middle of it all.

Spring is around the corner and I'm getting ready for it!  I'm painting my hall bathroom, the one Cole vacated, and I've planted some tulips and other colorful flowers.  (See what I did? I don't know the name much less spelling of the certain flowers I planted so they get the description of 'colorful'.  Trickery.)