Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Newport Beach, CA 2012

The Tiptons made our way out west once again this year to Newport Beach, CA.  There were 34 total in attendance, plus two pregnant people.  I took a lot of pictures and on the last day I went to get my camera to take a picture of our cute beach house but my camera was gone, gone, gone.  I figured, hoped and prayed that it had been packed away.  Once we got home and unpacked, I realized it didn't make the trip home.  The night before we left, Rick and I had visited his cousin, who had just arrived with her family, and were staying a few streets over from our pad.  Luckily I left my camera there and was able to get it back the following week.  That could have been bad.
 Balboa was fun, as usual.  This year we took the ferry over to the actual island and walked around.  It was lovely.  We hadn't done that in years.  Next year we're going earlier so we can shop longer!
 Why do I have two pictures of a pelican?  Because I can.
 'Nuff said.
My beach boys.