Thursday, September 8, 2011

If you decorate it, it will come!

What is "it"?  Fall.  We need Fall here.  In elementary school, if the temperature is over 110 degrees,  the kids have to play indoors (excessive heat warning, don't you know).  Playing indoors has been the norm for the past two weeks or more.  The other day Quinn asked me, "Mom, when is it going to stop being 110 degrees?"  To which I replied, "Um, Halloween?!"  I hope that's not true.  This has been one long, hot, summer!

So yesterday, I decorated.  Just a little.  I put out some of these out.....
With the hopes of, if I decorate it, Fall will come!  Even though it's forcasted to be 109 degrees today, the inside of my home feels like Fall, kind-a.
It worked for Kevin Costner in, "Field of Dreams," it should work for me!  Please.

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