Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thank You.

Not so long ago, one of my good friend's daughter had a serious medical emergency.  She was rushed to a nearby hospital and then flown to a bigger children's hospital only to be transferred to a specialty children's hospital a few days later once she was stabilized.

I visited my friend and her daughter once things settled down and took her a few things to pass the time and make things a little easier.  After my visit, I got a Thank You note in the mail from my friend.  It was hands down the best thank you note I've ever gotten.  I've kept it and read it from time to time in hopes that one day I'll be able to write a note as beautiful as this one.  She wrote:

"Thank you so much for coming to the hospital to visit Molly & me.  Thanks for bringing lunch, the movies and magazines.  We had fun watching & reading!  Lunch was the best.  I appreciate you so much.  You are a true friend and I am so blessed to have you as a friend.  There is a saying that goes like this:  Everyone hears what you say, friends listen to what you say, best friends listen to what you don't say.  Thanks for listening to what I don't say.  It meant so much to me to have you there.  Thanks again and again!  Love, Ann"

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