Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh boots, my boots.

Last week I went to Dillards just because.  I do that sometimes.  I got lucky as they were having 65% off of their shoes.  Oh, good gravy.  I found the perfect pair of Born Carpenter boots for a steal!  I was so super excited especially since I had a gift certificate which nearly paid for the whole thing. 

When I tried the boot (notice singular) on in the store, it was so comfortable and fit perfectly.  Once home and happy, I put the boots (now see the plural) back on to give them a walk about.  I noticed the right boot felt bigger than my left.  Upon further investigation, I could confirm that I did indeed have one size 8 boot for my left foot and one size 8 1/2 boot for my right foot.  Curses!  I was so sad and disappointed. 

I called the Oliver, the shoe guy at Dillards, and asked him if they had another pair like mine?  After checking all of the Dillards in Arizona, he told me that no, there weren't any size 8 Carpenter boots left.  Drats.  Welcome to my life!

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