Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Taste of a Reception

Being I was the Mother-of-the-Bride, my camera did not see much action on that auspicious reception day. There was much to much to do and worry about. I'm hoping the hired photographer's camera saw a lot more of the reception than mine! Especially at night when all of the lighting shone bright and many a dancers we had!
Cherisse was the "fake cake" Creator.
This is just a prop and a mighty beautiful one at that!!
The finished product ended up with lively white Gerber Daisies bunched on the top. Lovely.
Alas, my camera was tucked away, put to bed and did not get to see much more than this.
The edible cake came out already cut, ready to eat!
My sweet nephew, Andrew, and his sister, my niece, Samantha Elizabeth. He looks sharp in his suit!

The caterers preparing the food table. I'm told everything was delicious. When the party was over, there was one strawberry left for the Bride & Groom's take away package along with some croissant sandwiches. A small amount of grapes and veggies were left too.
I've heard many a fond comment regarding the chocolate fondue.
It didn't take a genius to figure out what to smother with chocolate!
However, the biggest tragedy of the night was the particularly small amount of white chocolate with raspberry filling cake and chocolate cake with toffee filling that was left!
I wish I had ordered two more sheets just for home!
It was that good.
Thanks to Melody Larsen, my friend and caterer, who knows how to make the most delicious cakes in town!

Jake & Quinn, best cousins, matching ties and all.

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Lauri said...

It all looks so lovely and special. I am sure you are stress free now! Where are the couple going to live? Keep us posted!