Thursday, March 19, 2009

Science Museum

Today Truman, Niko Jones, Quinn, Neil Shumway & I went to the Science Museum in honor of Spring Break. One thing we did was we had a 12:45 appointment with the Planetarium to view, "Microcosm," a movie about two doctors shrinking down to microscopic size to go into a sick, pregnant woman's artery to course throughout her body to find the cause of her illness.

At the very beginning, the announcer said,

"If you get car sick or motion sick at all, close your eyes. This movie is not for you"

Que my eyes closing.

Anyone who knows me, even a little, knows I've had many road trips pulled off to the side puking my guts out. So much so when things settle down, my sons usually say,

"That was scary."

So I only listened to the movie.

Once and a while Quinn would tap my leg to "wake me up". I must say I did get a little two or three minute nap in, between Quinn's taps.

No pictutures, camera forgotten.

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