Thursday, March 5, 2009

When we're helping, we're happy!

Emily and Steven were spraying off the car after a hike at Peralta Trail when Quinn came home from school and decided he wanted to help! He ran into the house and put on his swim suit. He swiftly came out to help when Steven began spraying him. Quinn leaped to Emily for sanctuary but his wetness spread to her shorts and ended up soaking her as well.

It was 70 degrees today and beautiful! Mostly cloudy and breezy. (Sorry, a little too weather person-ish.) It's a good thing the weather was accommodating because Quinn's 2nd grade had a "Picnic at the Park" where parents and kids sat on blankets on the play ground and read books. Little reading was accomplished, a lot of energy was spent. Good times.
(That white creature you see sniffing around is our beloved dog, Ted. He thinks he's the fourth brother. . . )

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juliette said...

I love it! Emily is really using all her strength to to pry Quinn off!