Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Kristine!

Today is Kristine's birthday. We've shared many birthdays. Best friends since 4th grade. Her birthday always manages to land on Spring Break. Lucky. I remember many Spring Breaks where we'd lay out in the sun. . . she'd get a nice olive brown and I'd burn, blister and peel. This picture is circa 1985 or 1986. Gotta love the make-up and hair!
Yes, this was a posed photo. Kristine and I had a photo shoot day. This, of course, was one of our many lay out days.
Love the Farah Faucet hair (Kristine), and the feather choker. Perfection. My Dorothy Hammil hair cut parted down the middle speaks for itself!
Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a lovely day!
The infamous Disneyland trip. We had lots of fun with your mom & grandma!

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Lauri said...

Love the memories!!!! Good for you! I so remember both of you looking like that. Glad I didn't look like that. lol