Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Time was not on our side. The week leading up to the wedding we were beating the clock with every tick until literally the very last second leading up to the reception. However, the sealing went off without a hitch and the day progressed quickly and soon it was over. Thank goodness! Emily is triumphant.
Kimberly Wynne, my dear, stuffed head friend, flew in from Heber, Utah to help with much of the decorations. Jamie Tipton, one of my sister-in-laws, is by her side.
Tony W. Reed, my nephew & Emily's cousin, & his wife Amy - can't have enough Amy's in our family! Tony took Emily's and Stephen's engagement pictures.
A small smattering of some of the peeps that came to the Temple.

More peeps.

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juliette said...

The wedding was beautiful! The flowers were beautiful, the bride was beatiful, everything turned out great! Good luck in Vegas.