Friday, March 25, 2011

It's mine!

I don't like to buy Cinnamon Toast Crunch mainly because it's full of sugar and because it's almost always gone in one sitting.  Many times, and all four of my children can attest to this, I have sworn off ever buying this cereal again as it causes brief happiness and much grief .  This happens to be one of Truman and Quinn's F A V O R I T E cereals and believe me, we are a cereal family!  Sometimes the lure of a good sale and coupons get the best of me and I end up purchasing a box or two despite my better judgement.  When I woke up this morning, this is what Quinn had done to one of the boxes to stake his claim.  Truman is known to be a very healthy eater in our household and because of that, Quinn must keep his interests available to him.  Sadly, the writing doesn't do anything to dissuade Truman, it only makes him want to eat more.  I'm not buying it again.  Really.  Until the next sale.

I'm silly.  Of course Truman would protect his own interests!!  This is a different box.  I'm really not buying this again....seriously.


Tipton said...

im sad that you didn't take a picture of my box...

Daniel doings said...

Ha Ha, I have gone through the same thing at my house, I keep saying I am not going to buy again, at least not until the next good sale.