Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's on!

Tuesdays are the days we get to hear from Cole by e-mail.  Those days are his "P" days which stands for Preparation days, a.k.a. a day off from studying the language and classes.  In the morning he hadn't heard  if he was actually going on April 11th, as originally planned, or not.  Then later in the afternoon, we got this from him:

I have NO good pictures of Cole in his suit before he left.  The boy does not pose!

Good news starts now:

WE'RE LEAVING!!! One week after expected, but yes. As of right now, we have the facts and we're saying 'yes!'

200 hundred pictures is a dream come true. I will love to share w/ my fond nihonjin (Japanese) friends. I've been a little byoki (sick) lately. That might be why, if at all, you are billed for a thing or two. All I know is I didn't pay anything here for the doctor visit.

We've all been genki (happy, healthy) as ever though. All is well.

We had a fireside on Sunday from a famous LDS footballer and now newscaster in Philly. He's a true example of spreading the word through whatever resources he can. The slogan he came up with for the foster child program in Philly, which is on every billboard around the city, is "(name) dreams of finding a forever family." We had much laughter when he spoke. He also incorporated a "Mormon day" at Philly's games once a year where the missionaries in the area sing the national anthem. Once while he was giving a report all the missionaries were behind him singing called to serve. It was quite an uproar.

But yes, don't you worry. I will be in Nihon (Japan) in just under two weeks. I'm am so grateful again for all the help and love the family gives to each other, and right now especially me. I can feel the love every day, or as one of the Brazilian elders used to sing in the showers: "Can you feel the love tonight (toni-ee-ite) in the MTC?" My answer is yes. I love you all tremendously.

Elder Tipton

This is good news!  People ask me how I feel about my son going to a place with such turmoil now especially with the radiation threat.  I say, he is safe where he will be and I know the Church would never place anyone in danger.  I know he'll be where he's supposed to be.  This is good news!

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Lauri said...

Good news indeed. I am sure he is ready to leave the MTC, even with all that love abounding.