Monday, February 28, 2011

Hail yes!

You would think my kids were born in Alaska because they're so hot blooded.  They're actually Mesa born and raised but you'd never know it by the way they are always too hot and never cold.  We were getting ready for Church yesterday morning when I looked out my bedroom window and saw hail, lots of it.  Rick & I called the boys out of each of their bathrooms and they played in the hail for a few minutes fresh out of their showers.  Truman stopped long enough to put his bathing suit on.  It's always on standby for an such occasion.
 Truman breezed past Quinn to get on the trampoline.  Check out the pieces of hail on Quinn's head.
 When it hails, one must jump.  It's the law.
 Or skip.  Skipping is good too.
White with hail.  Kind of like the song.
My view out my front door of the Superstitions.  I love that mountain range!  Who says it doesn't get cold here?

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Saragers said...

awesome!! i love the trampoline picture!! that looks fabulous!!!