Friday, February 25, 2011

Winston is in the house!

Emily and I went to Domestic Bliss yesterday to look for a baby shower gift for her friend.  I came home with this sign.  I just love it!  However, the sign is not all I came home with.  I've got new ideas on super cute signs to make for a tiny price compared to the sticker price of $100-$300!!  I'm going to get on that today.  I couldn't pass up this sign though.  One because I love it and and two because it was not close to the $100 mark.  The other item I came home with was......

What a bug!
After Emily and I ate at Sweet Cakes, she found out that her hair appointment scheduled for 3:00 in Scottsdale, doesn't allow little ones.
So, I took Winston home with me.
He is really such a wonderful baby.

His personality is starting to come out and its a lot of fun having him around.

I love his one sided, half faced smiles.

Any resemblance?  The picture on the right is Rick.  He's probably a year or more in this photo but I still think I may see something of a family resemblance.

Such a cute thang.


Saragers said...

he is soooo cute!! i'm so excited we will be able to go to his blessing!!! i think he totally resembles ricky-ticky!! i love his eyes too!! i wonder what color they will be!!!

Emily Zoe Hale said...

Oh my word. If that is not just the cutest kid I have ever seen!

Lauri said...

You are such a cute grandma in your love affair already. Awwwww.