Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Letters from a missionary.

Cole is able to email us on Tuesdays from the MTC.  He's allowed a total of 30 minutes so his letters are mostly answering our questions from previous letters and requesting items needed.  It seems to me that his most requested item is candy, lots of it.  I don't understand this since he really could have cared less about food before he left.  Now, it seems to be a very prominent thought and belly filler! 

I found a bucket of candy in the roof, it was quite spectacular. Missionaries hide things when they leave. This place is very mysterious. My best friend up here is a Canadian.

Gym is fun. I'm a terrible b-baller but I play speed and win sometimes.  If you feel so inclined and find yourself in the neighborhood, please pick up extra H&M slacks. Also, the goodies didn't last long. Those cookies are marvelous. Can Emily dearelder me? That would be fanny.


Elder Cole Tipton yo boyee!

Daily schedge is different every day, but personal study, breakfast, class, lunch, class, gym, dinner, class, bed.
My comp. is Williams choro and is from Alpine UT. The food is a curse. I weigh 153.8 lbs. (Cole left here at approx. 145 lbs. two weeks ago!)
Both of my suits are black, yes, but I'm the only Fukuokan with a black suit. The rest must've gotten the memo?
I don't want pajamas. They're silly.
The nihonjin came yesterday. They are funny. I forgot how to say anything other than "toire o kitte mo ii desu ka?" or something like that. He said sure.

(Referring to the Orange Juice trials he did to prove there were no laxatives in the OJ by drinking two glasses with each meal.)  OJ is innocent, though we don't know if he just had a really good lawyer. At any rate, although the orange juice has been pronounced safe, I've had enough of it for a while. Choir is today again. My BFF elder is not my comp but is in my district. His name is Elder Roberts. He's tall.
Packages are fun to have a share. Has Kye said anything suggesting cookies soon? I just love to eat. I'll be careful with candy. My companion is having his parents send him an electronic dictionary and translator. We gonna learn real good.

I have 5 minutes left. (On the computer)  It (the timer) flashes intensely. I'm at the edge of my seat.
This place is totally Hogwarts. Except Voldermort can't get in.
Lincoln wrote me a funny poem about who knows what. Mayhaps a girl. I love that guy.
Tell Truman there's no way he scored 250,000,000 (on Donkey Kong). Take off three 0s and I will believe him.

Love you people!

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Saragers said...

go hogwarts!! i love reading these letters!! i need to send him one!!