Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Valentine's Day Anniversary.

On February 14th, 1987, Rick and I were married in the Arizona Temple.
The hair.  The dress.  The colors.
Thick, black eyebrows anyone?  Pleanty to go around!
My handsome guy.
As long ago as that sounds, time has flown by!
I knew I loved him before I met him because my roommate would talk about him (he was dating her cousin at the time) and I knew he was the kind of guy I wanted.  The deal was sealed when I walked into his kitchen to meet his mom and Gary, Rick's dad, was wearing an apron, fixing dinner.  That was the kind of example I wanted my future husband to have in a father!  Although, Rick got many wonderful skills from his father, I don't think in our 24 years together, I've ever seen him in an apron.  Now I know what he's getting for Father's Day this year.  See how my brain storming works?!

We rarely go out on our actual anniversary because too many people are trying to get out for Valentine's, so we went out on Friday and went to Pei Wei's where I had Pad Thai.  L O V E  that stuff.  Then we went to the movies where we saw the romantic flick, "The Green Hornet."  Really, we're just a couple of uber romantic people.  We don't even have to try.

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Saragers said...

i love your wedding pictures!!! i love the 80's everything!! it's crazy to think that you've been my sister-in-law for 24 years, and i'm 26!! not many people my age can say that about their sisters-in-law!! by the way, you look totally the same...minus the poofy hair...and poofy
happy anniversary!!