Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Running with Quinn and Ted.

Running was hard today.  Not that it's very easy but today I felt every painful step.  I had to force a smile on my face and tell myself it was good for me.  Could it be that my guests, Quinn and Ted, made it any more difficult? 

Quinn was asking me questions along the way like,

"Do you need water?"  or making statements like,

"Dad is a lot faster than you.  I usually have to catch up to him on my scooter."

Maybe it was the fact that I had Ted on a leash.  He hates being confined to a leash.  He kept trying to pull me along. 

However, it was fun, having some guests.  Just not as productive.  With each question/statement Quinn would say, I'd have to turn down my I-pod and say, "What?"  He'd repeat and I'd answer.  Then the music would go up again and Quinn would have another thought.  And so the cycle went.

Another thought, Cole is coming home today.  He learned a life lesson for a week and a half.  Turns out he's not the door-to-door type salesman.  Ah, like I didn't see that one coming!

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