Thursday, June 17, 2010

I was at girls' camp, really.

At the beginning of June I went to girls camp for 4 days.
I forgot my camera.
These few pictures are the only proof I have of attending lovely
Camp LoMia!
Being the ever motion sick gal that I am, I always find a reason to drive.
This year was because I had too many supplies for the Nurse's office.
Some fellow campers came too rather than riding the buses for various reasons.
That's it.
The only picture of me at my favirite
Camp LoMia.
However, please, don't ever let me be the camp nurse again!!!!
On the last night Rick camp up with the Bishop for Bishop's night.
Rick's his Second Counselor now, so he's over YM & YW.
That's how I got my camera, connections.

However, their trip proved trying.
Bishop's 14 year old car (hasn't made a car payment in 10 years)
broke down outside of Payson.
They were the only ones who hadn't showen up for the program so
I went back to my quarters to call Rick.
(Cell phones are not allowed . . .distracting, you know.)
I said, "Where are you?'
"Where are we?  We're in a tow truck about 15 miles outside of Payson.
Can you come and get us?"

I did.
After all, Bishop had three huge boxes of the freshest doughnuts
in the trunk.
It would be a sin to let those go to waste!


Lauri said...

I am so jealous that you get to go to Camp Lomia! I would love to go back there again someday. Oh, the memories!!!!

Tipton said...

It's the same, yet different. I still LOVE it!!