Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Newport Beach California!

So there are now 21 Tipton cousins.
22 if you count Emily's husband, Steven.
We do.
We count him.
With that large number it's very difficult to get everyone on the same page for a photo.
It's kind of like the Duggars.
But not, 'cause 7 different mothers gave birth to these kids.
Just so you know.
Football was big this year.
Here Adam, Scott, Quinn and Malloy (kind of)
are playing.
My kids enjoyed the younger cousins.
Here is Violet, the youngest cousin, at 8 months of age.
Although it's nearly impossible to get a real family picture,
I think we got one.
Andrew and his army men.
They do well in sand.
Some of the cousins playing at the water's edge.
Paddle ball is big in our family too.
I can actually play this one.
See what I'm talking about?
Emily and Steven.
She's pregnant.
Go figure.
Check out Max in the air.
What an action shot!
Truman surfing.
Juliette handing out rings to the girls.
Quinn got one too.
It was his power ring.
Quinn in the water.
They always have so much fun.


Saragers said...

thank you for not putting candid pictures of me on your blog. you take great pictures!

Lauri said...

Love your family vacation photos. Makes me jealous for beach and sand and family picture time! And I can't believe YOU ARE GOING TO BE A GRANDMA!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA. When?

Tipton said...

January 20th is the date. Thanks for putting that in CAPs :-)

Chris and Heather said...

Awwh, you know you and R will totally ROCK the grandparent gig! Congratulations Emily and Steven (and Granny & Papa Tipton!)

Lauri said...

Had my first baby on Jan 19th!!!! How sweet is that? See you soon!