Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Graduate

The Graduate
R. Cole Tipton
Last night was Cole's graduation.
It was heald at the
ASU Wells Fargo Arena.
There's a bunch of kids in his class.
Lots, I tell you!
(Disregard the picture of Emily.  She has a way of getting herself in all of my pictures.)
Grandpa Bruce ended up there with Uncle Lloyd.
You can see Grandpa Bruce was underwhelmed.
Uncle Lloyd dressed up for the occassion:
A one-piece jump suit goes with evey event!
This is the best picture of Cole in his graduation outfit.
He disrobed as soon as he was out of the building.
He didn't shave 'cause he wanted to look like some form of cool.
Mimi and Papa Tipton made it just in time by way of Texas/Show Low
to the reading of the names.
A super tall graduate.
No, wait,
it's just Truman giving Quinn a piggyback ride.
By the way, where did that phrase come from?
Someone's gotta know.
Quinn trying on the goods for his turn in 9 years.

Rick went around snapping pictures at the party.
Unfortunately the camera was on the wrong setting.
Thus the blurry pictures.
Squint your eyes, they'll look better.
More blurr, sorry.
This is just to illustrate how delicious the food from
Tum Nak Thai was!
We loved it.
Last Wednesday I placed an order for 30 people.
Once done with the ordering, the lady on the phone said,
"Okay, come in 15 minutes to get your order."
"No, no.  It's for next Wednesday," I said.
"Oh, okay.  We'll have it ready for you."
They did.

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Chris and Heather said...

Congratulatiosn Cole! BTW the "Hands" drawing is amazing! How lucky your Mother must feel to have such talented offspring :)