Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Emily's 21, Malloy's 6 or 7 and Roxcy is 3. All cousins.

On May 2nd we celebrated
 Emily Zoe's 21st birthday.
April 30th was Roxcy's 3rd
and May 5th will be Malloy's.
This is how birthdays go in the Tipton household.
There's a lot of people in this family.
Earlier in the week I texted Emily to see what kind of cake she wanted.
Her reply was, "Don't be silly."
I did.
I made Ambrosia cake.
It's so refreshing for the warm weather.

Roxcy had a puppy party the day before.
The theme carried over to our Sunday dinner.

Yep.  The girl still likes Steven.

Do you really think Delilah used the fork to eat her cake?

My kids are big.

Violet, the youngest cousin enjoyed the dinner too.
While Emily and Bama (all 4' 6 " of her) share a hug.

Roxcy's philosophy:  You can never have enough lip gloss.
Emily and a birthday necklace.
It's so cute.


Emily Zoe Hale said...

Just a few corrections... I said "that is a silly question", There are actually no pictures of Nixie, and I believe that Malloy is 6... Ok, I'm just giving you a hard time! That was a CUTE post. Mainly because it was all about me!!!

Emily Zoe Hale said...

Thank you. I love my rings too! You know what they say... Every kiss begins with K! So guess what came in the mail yesterday... YOUR MOTHERS DAY PRESENT! I am so happy it got here in time this year!!! I hope you will like it!