Sunday, May 23, 2010

And so it ends.

(This picture has noting to do with the post.)

So school is coming to a close this week.  Cole graduates from high school on Wednesday.  We're having a Thai food graduation party for him that night.  Then on Friday he leaves for Philidelphia to sell security systems in New Jersey and make a B-gillion dollars for his mission!  Don't worry, we forbade him to go and guess what, he didn't listen to us.  Why would he?  He knows everything.

Truman will be a freshman at the high school just as Cole leaves.  He'll be in football strength camp all summer along with football camp up in the pines for a week in July.  He's also going to E.F.Y. in June, just before our annual Newport Beach, California trip. 

Quinn will be going to the fourth grade.  Ah, my baby is getting big.

This week I was told I'm a racist.  A lady told me the look I gave her after she asked me a question was purely because she, "was brown."  My look was confusion at her question.  Unfortunately, I have one of those faces that shows what I'm thinking.  Even though I was not thinking, "Man that girl is brown!"  Gotta love Camp Kick Off and the people that come with it.  Gotta love, even the librarians who are making copies of your medical release forms who ask questions that you make feel really brown.  . . . . go figure.

I love summer.