Sunday, June 28, 2009

Newport Beach, California 2009

Here we are again, one more year at the beach. Tiffany, me, Jamie, Janet, Juliette, Cherisse & Heather.

Most, but not all of the grand kids.

The boys, Shaun, Rick, Jay, Gary, Scott, Adam & Jonathan.

Emily & Steven. His first time to Newport with the family . . . baptism by fire.

My group of peeps. Quinn in front, Truman, Emily, Steven & Cole. I'm in the back with Rick.

This is our sleeping arrangement for the big kids in the family room of the beach house. Really.

Paddle ball with Rick & Quinn. A favorite beach game to play.

Chelsea & Jonathan. His hair is all back!

Our latest edition, not mine but Juliette's! Delilah June.

Truman has dug a hole for himself.

Emily feeling a little cold water.

Who wears a corduroy jacket to the beach with his swimsuit? Oh, I know, Cole!
Emily in a position chosen for her by some family game players.

Jay and his part of the game.Heather, belive it or not, acting like a pouncing cat, once again, part of a game.


juliette said...

Such a fun trip! Such a great pic of Heather!

Chris and Heather said...

Whew, whoo! Check out the hottie in the pink skirt! ;) The Billie Joe thing is cool enough too. Think you could squeeze in a couple more "big-kids" perhaps of the Shill variety? jk. Looks like priceless memories were made.