Sunday, June 28, 2009

Green Day

Last week we vacationed in Newport Beach, CA. One the first morning we walked down to the doughnut shop (a yearly ritual), we encountered the lead singer from Green Day. Actually, what happened was we were sitting around enjoying our doughnuts when Billie Joe Armstrong, A.K.A. the Green Day lead singer, jotted passed us and darted into the men's restroom.

He didn't go unnoticed.

We waited for him to come out, cameras ready in hand.

Those of us that were there, the Jay Tiptons, Rick Tiptons, Tiffany Tipton-Johnsons, & the Juliette Tipton-Hess's, were patient. We waited and watched for him to come out of the bathroom. When he came out, we scurried around and then most of us lost our guts to go up to him for a picture. However, Tiffany would not let this opportunity pass her by. She, camera in hand, encouraged Juliette to run with her to catch up to the artist to get a picture. It was enjoyable watching a 22 week pregnant gal and her sister run after Billie Joe.

When they finally got close enough to call out to him, he stopped, turned around and when asked if they could get a picture he said,

"Do you have a camera?"

To which Tiffany smiled and held up her camera.
He posed briefly with Juliette and then was off again.

Confused as to why the picture is of Billie Joe and Steven? Well, as Emily, Steven and I were walking back to the beach house, we spotted Billie Joe loading up his car after a morning of surfing. Steven, being a huge fan of Green Day, went up with Emily and asked for a picture. He was gracious enough to pose for the one you see.

Of course we didn't make any mention of the other picture incident of the morning!

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