Sunday, June 14, 2009

Camp Lo Mia. Craft Cabin!

Girl's Camp was June 10th to the 14th. My assignment was to be in the craft cabin. I've gone to girl's camp 4 other times as a leader but always as the camp RN. Can I tell you, the craft cabin is a far better assignment! I got to sleep every night, something you don't get to do when you're the nurse - lots of sick girls, you know.
Anyone remember the lodge at Camp Lo Mia? Such a great place. This is the first time back since I was a girl at camp myself. Not much has changed. After tenting it each year as a leader, I much prefer Camp Lo Mia!!One of the three crafts we did was a cynotype process. Becki was in charge of this craft. You can see our Young Women's Stake President creating her bandanna. We (Becki & Tammy) treated the bandannas with two special chemicals that when exposed to the sun, they imprint whatever is on them. We had the girls choose the natural foliage items we found around camp. It took a few minutes to set the design.
Next, you rinse the bandanna in cold water.
The rinsing process turns the material blue and shows the imprints on the bandanna. Here are some of the finished products.
Each one is unique. The longer you leave the pretreated material out in the sun, the darker your product. I think the girls loved it! This was so easy, fast and cheap!!

The next craft were the pin wheels. I was in charge of this one. The girls got to pick out which pre cut paper design they wanted and then they assembled them. We had 30 minutes to complete each craft per day. This craft required a lot of pre-fabrication. In the end the pin wheels all worked and were enjoyed.

The last craft we did was spearheaded by Tammy. She chose to do screen printing. This bird below was one of the choices the girls got to do.

The girls got to choose from a variety of colors to print this saying on. We had another awesome design for cards for the girls but I can't find it. Camp was a lot of fun!


Saragers said...

Oh I loved girls camp. Super cute crafts. I love the pinwheels and the bandanas.

Chris and Heather said...

So clever! But you know deep-down that your fave year was in the nurses cabin w/ the occasional drop-ins from the MC Ward Cooks. Kim, you and I should do a girls night!

Tipton said...

Yes!!!!! Heather!!