Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dog days of Summer. No really!

Here lies Ted ruining one of my favorite pieces of furniture.
The problem is that Ted thinks he's one of us.
By, "one of us," I mean,
Do we tell him the truth?
Or do we keep up the facade and let him think what he will?
Ted sleeps wherever he likes. I don't let my (human) kids do that.
They have appointed beds in their own rooms.
I don't think he notices.
A couple of weeks ago we noticed his left eye was cloudy. Sure 'nuf he has a mature cataract which requires the attention of a specialist; a vet optometrist, don't you know?! I guess he is more human than I thought 'cause we take our (human) kids to the optometrist annually too.
Ted will not be left out.
We love you Ted!

1 comment:

Chris and Heather said...

At least your 4-legged human doesn't shed like mine! Ugh. He who invented leather furniture is one of my heroes.