Sunday, June 28, 2009

My baby is 8

Quinn's 8th birthday was celebrated on his actual day of birth, June 18th.
He invited his closest friends in the neighborhood & ward.
The first item of business was swimming.
The gigantic swan proved to be much fun to ride!Rick labored over Quinn's homemade pinata. Can you see the resemblance?

We made snow cones, blue raspberry or cherry. They were delicious.

Okay, I'm no cake maker!
Quinn got to choose what kind of cake he wanted and this year he wanted a guitar cake.
His wish was my command. Again, not a cake maker.
Why is it that the self igniting - re-lighting candles didn't work? What a buzz kill.
Here are the participants from left to right starting after Quinn: Heber, Cooper, Crew, Kaden, Alden, Michael, Neil, Koa & B.J. Truman is in the back along with Rick, the dad and Quinn, the pinata.

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Chris and Heather said...

I think amateur cakes are best anyway.