Thursday, April 2, 2009

Speak Swahili

Yesterday there was no school for Juniors and Seniors who had already passed the AIMS tests. This gave Cole's newly formed band, Speak Swahili, the opportunity to jam at our home. Good thing my head and ears are stuffed with sinus gook! They sound great, but are they really loud! We haven't had any complaints from the neighbors yet. Move over furniture, the bands gotta play here. Notice the empty big shelf on the wall . . I had to remove its contents for fear of breakage!
Cole, ever posing for the camera. He's acting like he's jamming!
Although I am not a fan of "My Space,"
they have a site there for its intended purpose,
to expose young, fresh bands.
If you're curious, you can listen to one of their instrumentals when you go to their site. I will post a link after I ask Cole how to.

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