Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prom Desert Ridge High School

Last Saturday was Prom. Cole went with Abigail Sanders, his girlfriend. The fact that Cole went at all is a complete surprise. Anything conventional, involving school, just isn't his bag.
Note Cole's outfit. Abigail and her mother took him to Buffalo Exchange (a trendy Tempe thrift store near ASU) and found this ruffled shirt. Cole said it was the last one he tried on and, "bam, this was it!" Abigail, too had purchased her feather hemmed dress at a thrift store, not to be out shone by Cole's outfit. His tie was gifted to him by Papa, his paternal grandfather, which was a bola tie with turquoise for eyes. This picture Cole said, "Everyone make a face!" Everyone did, except Cole. Typical. The other couple is Jessica Judd and Forrest Babbitt.

The gentlemen of the group were seen taking the dates arm in arm and escorting them to their ride, a relatively new (purchased on 12/31/2008) 2008 Nissan Versa. Forrest Babbitt, the Junior Student Body President, who was the other boy in the car told Cole,

"I like our limo better,

. . . and our driver."

Cole said Prom, which was held at Falcon Field in one of the hangers with old air planes all around, was so much fun. They took their pictures in front of an airplane in a non conventional pose, of course.

The food was at Buca de Beppo. An Italian family style restaurant. They had reserved the "Pope" room but had too many people show up. Around 18 kids, 9 couples. The couples dined on Calamari among other delicious Italian favors.

Now Cole's looking forward to his Senior prom! Miracles never cease to amaze me.
Here are some more pictures from Abigail's mom. She got better pictures.


what the hale said...

Oh wow. I am beyond happy that you posted pictures of this! Cole's outfit kills me. And Forrest is so dang cute! And yes, I too can't believe that he actually went. Maybe next year he will try out for football... Or something.

Saragers said...

oh my!!i love the clothes!! i'm excited he went!! his girlfriend is super cute!! p.s. my word verification is twiblob...sometimes i feel that i am a twi-blob!!

Janet said...

I remember when Emily came to Baywood in her prom dress. Cole looks almost as cute! :)

juliette said...

I love that boy!