Monday, April 6, 2009

Do Tipton birthday celebrations ever end??

It started out on March 31st, an early April 1st birthday celebration for Truman. Mom, Dad and brotheres.
Then on April 4th, there was a "surprise" birthday party for Truman.
Eleven kids meet at our home .
Truman completely ignorant of the fact.
Waiting until all arrived to kidnap Truman and take him to the park down the street.

Games were played.

The blindfold came off and revealed a breakfast spread and lots of friends!

Orange juice, pancakes, bacon, sasuage, eggs, cantaloupe, bananas and apples were on the menu.
Those kids ate and ate!
And ate!
Emily and Steven showed up.

Silly string was unleashed. . .
Onto a very willing participant.
Nothing could make Quinn happier.

Gifts were opened.
Then the Sunday, Family birthday celebration. Only this time we celebrated . . .

Truman's 13th birthday on April 1st.

Kelly Reed's 31st birthday on April 1st.
And Gary Tipton's (aka Papa) 71st birthday on April 5th.
I think we're done for a few weeks.

Tiffany with Roxcy and Cherisse.


what the hale said...

Cute post... P.S. I believe it is spelled Roxcy.

Saragers said...

p.p.s. not cherrise, cherisse!! for pete's sake tracy!!

juliette said...

You made another typo right under the second... just kidding! I'm just laughing that your comments both include corrections! And honestly there are some interesting names and ways to spell them in this family! Love all the pictures- sad to miss out.