Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When do you let it go?

I purchased these Gerbera Daisies last spring for my front porch urns.

They are my favorite flower.

They've lasted all though spring, summer, fall, and even into winter.  (That's winter as in, warm AZ winter.)  Even though they've stopped blooming, they still look like there's life in them.

Well, sort of.

I thought they'd be through long ago.  With this seasons rains, I haven't watered them regularly.  Maybe that's why they look like they may finally be giving up the ghost.  Or, maybe they're not supposed to last the year long.

I don't know.

Now they look like this.

Last night I had my hand around the sickest looking plant and almost pulled it out of the planter, then I decided to try to see if I can do a little CPR (Complete Plant Restoration) and bring the flowers back to life.  I can do this.

I think.

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