Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Every now and then I'll google Japan Fukuoka Mission Blog just to see if there is any updated information regarding the situation in Japan, missionary-wise.  I found a blog from a sister missinary who gives some details as to the current events in the Fukuoka mission.  Below is some of what she says:

Anyway, transfers were delayed for a week. Here's why.

So, because of the giant massive earthquake that destroyed so many places, Tokyo and Sendai will probably not be open for a while. Our mission is PACKED. But we were planned to have 21 more missionaries come this week. (That's Cole)  They first decided to delay them or transfer in other missions or in the MTC, to make room for them in the other 4 missions of Japan. Well, in the apostle meeting in the temple every week, they talked about what to do with Japan, and they decided to send the missionaries over anyway. We have room, maybe. But they are delayed a week... I think they probably canceled airplane tickets, and now they have to find them all again, but I'm not sure if that is true.

So now we have 24 more missionaries coming into our mission. The mission office has been trying to find apartments and such for people.

We think our apartment could become a 3-some. 4 would be impossible - one would have to sleep in the closet. So we got word of that Wednesday night. Then Thursday at lunch the mission president called. When the mission president calls you know something is up. He never calls just to say hi. He talked to Shaver Shimai. She dies (goes home) in May.

He said that he got an email from his leaders saying that if he wants he can send people home a transfer early to make room. So he called everyone that is supposed to die in May, and gave them the option. My companion freaked out for about an hour. To go home a transfer early, or not to go home a transfer early.... that was the question. She finally decided to stay. I've heard of at least one person choosing to go home early. But he's in my zone, so that's why I heard. There are probably a few others. So now president and the APs are figuring out transfers. Transfer announcement is in a week and 2 days. This is the special 7 week transfer!

It's interesting to see how they're dealing with the issuefrom the Japan side, not just the MTC or our side.  Kind of gives me a wider perspective.

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