Monday, April 11, 2011

A "non-party" birthday. Truman is 15!

Truman turned 15 on April 1st.  Conversations between him and I prior to the actual birthday consisted of me telling Truman that he's had about 14 other birthdays and how I'd like to skip this one with as little pomp and circumstance as possible.  It turned out he invited a few friends over for hamburgers and hot dogs.  After cake and ice cream, the kids watched "Inception" in the back yard on the back wall while eating root beer floats.  It actually turned out to be a very nice birthday.  I don' know how non-party like it was because it still seemed like a lot of work.  Funny how that happens.

The papers hanging from the chandelier is a birthday tradition where Rick draws crazy characters professing happy birthday wishes to the celebrated person.  We've got them all saved. 

Truman loves a Texas Sheet Cake every now and then.

"Inception" on the back wall.

Who needs a chair when you've got a trampoline?

A yummy treat.

Emily stopped by.

Tradition is a birthday breakfast of the celebrator's choice.  This is a posed picture, obviously, because Truman does not eat breakfast meat of any kind.  We also had crepes with fresh strawberries but they were put away before the picture was taken.

But wait, there's Sunday dinner for Truman and Papa too!  Papa had his 73rd birthday on the 5th.  Here are two of Rick's sisters and their kids.

I swear, our birthday celebrations N E V E R end!  We were lucky to get Truman's over with over a weekend!  We got off easy.

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