Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Veterans of Foreigin Wars Dinner

A few months back Cole submitted a drawing for a
Scholarship contest at the local
The content had to be patriotic
so Cole made a map of the USA
out of hands with a hand
reaching out to Haiti.
He drew the thing with his left and right hands
because he used his own hands to model.
(Are there enough of the words hand(s) in the above sentences?)
He got second place!
Along with that came
$50.00 and
a free dinner for Cole and his family.
The menu consisted of:
Fried chicken
Chicken strips
Chicken wings
Fried Cheese curds
French fries and
Onion rings
Now that's American!
Cole's winning drawing.
After dinner and the handing out of awards,
there was dancing.
Everyone danced.
Including me.
I shouldn't have.
I know, 'cause an old man took me aside after my attempt to line dance
and told me so.
He said, "I know, I've been doing this a long time."
Shot down at the VFW.

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